Pulse Report: Fabolous & Soulja Boy Wave White Flag, Jay-Z & Diddy Silence 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks Is Rap's MVP

Friday, Sep 10, 2010 12:50PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we watch Fabolous and Soulja Boy quick to toss up a white flag, notice 50 Cent killing the "tough doggy" look with Diddy and Jay-Z, observe Lloyd Banks' 2010 takeover and oh SOHH much more!

1. Who Want War

SMFH. Really, Soulja Boy Tell Em? Really Fabolous? Is this what it all boils down to? A wack a** and short-lived beef that hardly even made it onto World Star Hip Hop? SMFH. Look, at the end of the day I am all about rap unity and seeing "beefs" get squashed like that Rick Ross and Slim Thug WACK A$$ record they did a few weeks ago. SMFH. Yeah, sh*t had more wackness to it than a high school kid the night before prom. SMFH. Even though we're not going to go "way" back, let's just see how this "beef" really got turned up a notch and eventually resorted to a peace calling live on the radio..........SMFH.....

     Soulja Boy Fires Delayed Shots At Fabolous

"he better stfu before i send my young n*gga Lil B to murder his a** lyrically," Soulja Boy tweeted early Tuesday (September 7) morning.
"I wish that fab would quit copying my swag d*mn he a nut rider i swear man."
"I will murder that n*gga fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to soulja boy."
"I tell you what fabolous get yo weak a** on wax and spit them weak a** bars so I can sh*t on you boy."
"AYO! REAL TALK. WHAT THE F*CK IS A @myfabolouslife"
"fab is so mothaf*ckin lame he pick the wrong week to beef. lets see how much his new "EP" sell 1st week. -_- garbage a** rapper"

     Fabolous At First Thinks It's Some Hacker & Then Goes HAM

"Jus finished my 3rd photo shoot of the day. Now that I'm finished I can finally pay some attention to a 19yr old cokehead named @SouljaBoy," Fab tweeted.
"#SouljasCokeHabit made him talk sh*t about me on twitter. Then he sobered up, and deleted the tweets#TypicalCokeHeadSh*t"
"Let me find out,#SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine'd out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out.."

^ Just a brief break, in case y'all doggies aren't up on this "cocaine" sh*t that Soujla Boy found himself in, here's a quick reminder:

     5-0 Cent Gets Involved...SMFH

"I told you n*ggas a long time ago soulja boy my little n*gga yal better leave him the f*ck alone for somebody get hurt."
"I get all you n*ggas killed f*ck that. I dear you n*ggas touch him. Soulja say what ever you wantN*ggas aint gone do sh*t."

^ At this point, we all should have know this sh*t was a joke, doggies. Anyway, it doesn't take too long before DJ Clue tells everyone that Fab and Soulja Boy's problems would be squashed on his radio show and surely enough, these two clowns doggies act like it's some Jay-Z and Nas 2005 Powerhouse sh*t. SMFH.....

Soulja BoyFabolous

"I thought that he was taking shots at me, when it was just jokes. It was a misunderstanding, a mis-communication," Soulja Boy said on the radio on Wednesday night. "I'm about making money."

FabolousSoulja Boy

"We're not trying to make a LeBron special...we smoothed it out and back to the money," he said. "I know people thought it was going to be a [Manny] Pacquiao fight, but we sat down like bosses."

^ Now look doggies, before we keep sh*t moving, can we be real for a minute? How do y'all react to this? Funny, Fab's There Is No Competition 2 was No. 32 or something on the Top 50, that's actually a good look for something that was FREE a few months ago. LOL. But on some real sh*t, do y'all hear this and just nod your head or do you see/read/listen to what is being said and question why you f*ck with this rap game? LOL. It's funny to me, doggies, b/c it makes me wonder how f*cking phony and just ridiculous certain sh*t is. A couple years ago I used to be mad as h*ll that Jay never really went at Cam'ron or Jim Jones or even 5-0 or silly sh*t but seeing how this little thing popped off, it made me realize......if it's not about getting your money right, then it's really about nothing. That's my problem with 5-0 Cent, it seems like his mentality has never fully matured, like, this sh*t is entertaining to him but it really does not even serve any real value. Rather than actually forcing himself away from fans to "want" him, he ends up over-saturating the market. Why do y'all think Jay and Nas can still maintain a strong buzz and move decent units? Just something to think about.......and if it IS about money and Soulja Boy/Fab used this to promote themselves with their new albums....SMFH....well, they take "L's" big time then for not stretching it out. LOL.

2. Mr. Friendly

I seriously give up on this doggy, doggies. What the h*ll is 5-0 Cent talking about these days? Is he suddenly cleansed from beefing with the couple of guys who laughed his a** outta Forbes 10 3? SMFH. Yes doggies, believe it or not, but your doggy 5-0 Cent has taken the Soulja Boy and Fabolous route by waving the white flag at Jay-Z and Diddy over their past problems. But how can we be so sure of this? Just ask the tough guy yourself:

"We got a chance to kick it for a minute," 50 said referencing Jay. "I know people were interested in what that conversation was like. But they can ask Jay-Z. I take people's actions as if it's genuinely how they feel. I can only use what I saw you do as if that's what you meant. I can't understand what your motivation was prior to that...I had a conversation with Puffy the night before Jay. He gave me a whole new perspective on his actions. He's like, 'I understand the way you felt because of what I was doing at the time. But I wasn't thinking what you was thinking I was. You done hit me nine times. I'm just in the fetal because I understand why you are attacking me. But if I can't touch bases with you to tell you what I'm thinking or why I did it, then you can't understand it.' We created a little clarity out there."

SMFH..............hold the f*ck on. Did you guys just read what I read? 5-0 having conversations with these doggies and trying to play it off like he was the real victor? SMFH. Get the f*ck outta here, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU, 5-0! If y'all ask me, 5-0 happened to find himself "AT" JAY-Z's concert...yes, 5-0, JAY-Z and EMINEM'S concert, which you could only come in for 4 minutes before getting booed kicked off for the next act. SMFH........anyways, doggies, 5-0 found himself there and took the opportunity to kick it with Jay and probably said Beanie Sigel was never going to be on G-Unit, blah blah blaaah. SMFH. Funny part? This is the same doggy who said this:

Not impressed? What about this then:

^ "You USED to be from Marcy, n*gga, now you's a pass the grey poupon n*gga.......Eat your a** alive." SMFH...........and before we hear what 5-0 has said about Diddy lately, let's just see how much he "still" hates this "b*tch."

"I'm back motherf*ckers! So ima bust a shot to let u know sh*t is real. this that dirty money Pow! http://twitpic.com/2lv22o," 50 tweeted Monday (September 6) night.
"I talk to puffy he said n*gga da sh*t you be doing is bad for business we can make a lot of money together. so that's the last puffy hit lol."

^ SMFH.........this doggy really has no idea when to stop, huh? The Jay sh*t I can see b/c 5-0 has been getting at him bi-monthly or just about......but now with Diddy? SMFH.......d*mn, doggy, you really gonna let him off the hook after all this?

Y'all can take it how y'all want. I won't even bother putting up his commentary on that T.I./Tiny arrest, but what I will say is be wary of what rappers y'all are f*cking with. This is not the first time 5-0 has said some sh*t in the past and then, as it usually doesn't amount to anything, he finds himself acting like there's no real issues. Wonder if he realizes he's dissing grown moguls, like, a pair of 40 year-old millionaires who have brand that is still SELLING. Roc Nation. New Jersey Nets. 40/40 Club. Rocawear. New York Yankees gear. Sean John. King. Unforgivable. Bad Boy. Need I continue? I just find it funny as h*ll that 5-0 still can't find out what he's trying to do. Beanie Sigel never worked out. Hot Rod disappeared. Mobb Deep is no longer on your label nor is Olivia nor is Young Buck nor is Ma$e nor is M.O.P. nor is Game nor is...oh, wait, never mind, guess you'll always have Spyder Loc. SMFH. As y'all doggies will see, the G-Unit ship is not fully sunk..YET.....but by sparking some sh*t and then playing patty cake a few months later, yeah, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU, 5-0. Your gimmicks are running up.

3. Most Valuable Poet

Sorry Big L, but for 2010, I gotta hand the crown over to Lloyd Banks. Yeah doggies, as I patiently wait for J. Cole's album to drop, looks like I gotta pay my respects and give it up to Lloyd Banks for 2010. Yeah, some of the critics and fans are going to say Drake had it this year but believe it or not, we are going to toss it up for the rapper that is actually keeping G-Unit's pulse alive at this point, Lloyd Banks. Now, even if y'all don't want to take my word for it, then at least respect Kanye West for saying what I only thought these past eight years:


Kanye WestLloyd Banks

"Yo man Loyd Banks prolly the most underrated MC in the game... Man he deserve to be top 5 at least!," West tweeted Wednesday (September 8) night.

^ LMFAO!!! Nice spelling Kanye. LOL. Anyways, whether y'all want to gas him up or sh*t on West for giving Banks the same caliber homage that he has already given to Nicki Minaj and Swizz Beatz, do not deny the fact that 2010 has been Banks' best year since 2004 thus far. In addition to the co-sign, Banks has already shown maturity and tying up any loose ends he may have on the expired beef side of things, i.e. Lloyd and their "Any Girl" record:


Lloyd BanksAshanti

"I had a chance to talk to Ashanti over the telephone," Banks said in an interview. "I mean, my reasoning for apologizing, I just felt like I should. Even at the time when we were going back and forth in that feud with Murder Inc., she wasn't speaking. She wasn't throwing shots or anything. I think if you're a part of the game then you should get played. At that time, she just was on the roster, so I just felt like it would be cool for me to just apologize for some of the things that were done in the past. Even though it was done in hip-hop, it wasn't anything personal. It just felt that I should do that."

^ Call it a punk a** move but Banks did what so many rappers don't do, make amends on sh*t that took place a minute ago. Yeah, so maybe Ashanti ain't on the Willow Smith or Rihanna buzz like she used to be, but when you need a last second vocal, that number comes in handy. Even more reason why Banks is grabbing 2010 by the nuts isn't just b/c of "Any Girl" and "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" having a strong impact on the radio but it's b/c Banks is putting in the right elements for his Hunger For More 2.


Lloyd BanksRaekwon

"As far as features go, of course, 50 Cent is on the project, Tony Yayo is on the project," Banks revealed in an interview. "I got Raekwon on a joint, I just spoke to him. Just spoke to Styles P, waiting on that back. Nipsey Hussle and a few other things that's still in the workings. I'm in the tailor end of the project right now. Just waiting for the features to get back and seeing who's a good fit then the next week or so, I'll have a more realistic list of what they can expect from HFM2."

^ Even though we coulda done without 5-0 and Yayo, glad to see Banks keeping his fam on the LP. But even more impressive is Banks' aim to pay homage to the rap pioneers Raekwon and Styles P. That not only shows his respect for them but a growth in his maturity. Who knows, maybe the sh*t will come out sounding bad and never see the day of light, but the fact that he tried to make something work with rappers that your middle school siblings would think are like Big Daddy Kane in their eyes, yeah, it's a d*mn good move.


Lloyd BanksLloyd Banks

"Me personally, I just want to be respected, I want to be on the wall," Banks said in an interview. "On the wall, before I'm dead. The Hunger For More Part 2, HFM Part 2 man, it's been about three years since my last album. My first album came out June 29th, '04, I remember it like yesterday. Part of the reason I decided to go with the title, HFM Part 2 was because everything happened to me, the ['Beamer, Benz or Bentley'] record came and it was like, I felt the energy I hadn't felt since the beginning and at the same time, I had the bulk of the album done because I was in a mixtape vein and I just wanted to get the 'feel good' records out, the club joints, the car joints, and then just push from there. And I just had so many similarities from there, from writing, recording on the road, like, I wrote 'Warrior' and 'Fire' in London and then I wrote a few songs in Amsterdam, some in my neighborhood, so just with me moving around like that, I was like, 'You know what, I'm just gonna go back to that because it feels like a new beginning.' Crazy."

^ Even though I am still against Banks using this project as a sequel to his debut (could y'all doggies imagine an Illmatic 2 or Reasonable 2...what about Doggystyle 2?)..........I must admit, if you can pull off a similar buzz to what you had with that 2004 sh*t, then d*mn Banks, there's no reason you should flop in November. Time will only tell but all the cards look about in place and if y'all were to ask me, Banks fits the perfect model for what a re-emerging artist should be up to right about now.......get that promo game right, burn the airwaves and use just the right amount of press. Doggies, Banks is a shoe-in for MVP candidacy...if not, then who?

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Bernice Burgos

Doggies, I gotta be honest with you, the more and more I feel like this section should be dedicated to big a**es and boobs, I keep getting a touch of Kanye West, pause, and wondering if I can try to get more pleasure out to y'all with the beauty of a woman rather than just that T&A we've all come to expect at this point in Pulse Report, right? Well, Mrs. Butterworth delivers once again as the dark-skinned dime Bernice Burgos flaunts her body, body all over this week, week. Sorry doggies, but I'm seeing doubles. LOL. Feast your eyes on the hottest thing out right now, Mrs. Butterworth.

Bernice BurgosBernice Burgos

Bernice BurgosBernice Burgos

Bernice BurgosBernice Burgos

^ Still not impressed doggies? Well, as I tend to always do around this time, feast your eyes on some visual effects. F*ck Avatar, this is what I would pay to see in full version 3-D. LOL.

5. "STFU" Honors

LMFAO!!! No need for an introduction this week, doggies, let's jump right into "Shut The F*ck Up" Honors!

1. Drake

Drake 86896_oscars-red-carpet-2009-taraji-p-henson-talks-benjamin-button.jpg

"Nah, that was just my cousin, she just looks like her," Drake said in an interview when asked about hitting the town with actress Taraji P. Henson. "How did this conversation switch? [laughs] It was all so professional, let's keep it a hundred. I love older women, though. I love experience and maturity and the conversation. I like to learn from an individual, like, when we converse, I like to really be able to soak it all in, the knowledge, the wisdom, all that. You know what I mean?"

2. DMX


"I don't even know who the worst is, but he has to be one of the worst. I mean [Plies and his single] 'Bruh Bruh?' Serious? That has to be one of the worst. How do you even fix your mouth to say that or spell that? I am looking at how it's spelled. On a serious note, what a lot of people don't understand, is that we as artists, are teachers. And if you teach people to spell like that and talk like that, then you dumber than the people you are supposed to be teaching."

3. Ja Rule

Ja RuleJa Rule

"You know what the realest line a n*gga said in a movie," Rule asked in an interview. "'You can't handle the truth!' That's the realest sh*t because n*ggas don't want to hear it. You tell n*ggas the truth and they say, 'What, huh? I didn't see that. That record's hot.' That's what n*ggas do. I've seen so many instances, where I'm like, wow, that's not keeping it real -- really think about that yo, this n*gga makes records, he's on my TV, he's f*cking dancing around, he's at all these awards shows, I don't think he's in the hood with 10 bricks in the back of his whip. I don't think he's doing that. Be honest, the consumer knows that sh*t's not real...What is keeping it real? That term is so lost. It's a forgotten term. You know what keeping it real is? Feeding your f*cking family, taking care of your f*cking kids, that's what's keeping it real. All that other frivolous bullsh*t is just that."

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki MinajDrake

"No, Drama, don't be silly," Minaj told Drama when asked about expecting kids with Drake. "Drake is just my little brother and I kid with him all the time. That's all. Yes, yes, we were just being crazy and I think we were a little bit bored. I wouldn't say we were bored, but we were being just mischievous. I did another interview and they asked me and I said, everyday I see things written about me that aren't true. So I wanted to kinda give the blogs a little bit of payback and put my own story out. [laughs] I don't date boys, I don't like boys. [laughs] It's true -- I think boys are yucky and that's it. There's nothing more to say."

5. Soulja Boy Tell Em

Soulja BoySoulja Boy

"I'll put it like this, I feel I've always had the ability to have Pretty Boy Swag but it became official in the beginning of 2010," Soulja Boy explained in an interview. "[I was a millionaire for three years] but I wasn't official. It's the whole nine. I've been rich, but I ain't always dress how I dress. I had money but I didn't have the look. I'm 20-years-old and now it's a movement. Of course [females play a big part in Pretty Boy Swag]. That's why I say 'All the girls are on me--swag' Like don't get that misconstrued. That's 100% real talk."

***LMFAO!!! D*mn doggies, we're steam rolling through the month of September, huh? Feeling refreshed as h*ll, gotta admit, I had to enjoy these last few sunny days out here in the BX before we get this sh*t storm cold a** weather they so often like to call fall then winter. SMFH. Thank God for family in Miami. LOL. Anyways, sh*t was a bit to the point this week but glad we got to see what the h*ll is going on with these Twitter beefs and just RAPPERS talking dumb sh*t with an iPhone/BlackBerry in their hands. LOL. Til the next time doggies, I'll see y'all out and about. -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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