Caption Diss: Nicki Minaj Stops Signing Boobs For...Backshots?

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 11:50AM

Written by Bulldog Buttersworth

For Caption Diss, the good ol' folks at SOHH are back at it giving y'all, the loyal doggies, a chance to capture the final word(s). The "Best We've Ever Read" headline gets to rock that Cap Diss crown for seven days. Who's got next?

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of]

LMFAO. Remember doggies a few months back when we did a Cap Diss that showed Nicki Minaj eating a Barbie's foot? LOL. Well, figure this one might draw a bit more attention. Instead of the signature boob signing, looks like Nicki Minaj the Barbie has other things in mind. LMFAO!!! Seriously, Minaj, are you that desperate to keep every fan in the world satisfied? SMFH. I don't know doggies, something just doesn't smell right about this situation. LOL!!! Minaj can get it any day but doing stunts like this just killed her cool points...BIG TIME. SMFH. Now if it was Amber Rose's a**, well, different story. Please help us understand what is going on in this photo, doggies. Maybe she is taking a stand against crack? Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm...........

LMFAO @RealTalk for going in on that T.I./Tiny Cap Diss from last week. Yeah, doggies, I know, I know, y'all ain't seen Bulldog Butters in the comments section for a minute, but y'all have been keeping it down anyway though. D*mn, any updates on what is going down with these two? Ecstasy? SMFH. Maybe T.I. got caught up like Petey Pablo and mistook his ecstasy pills for Viagra pills, right, pimpin'? LOL. F*ck all that, congrats again @RealTalk for keeping it short, simple but funny as h*ll.


Aight doggies, as we do every week, don't takes these disses too personally. We all think Nicki Minaj's fine a** is well, um, a fine plastic a**, but still though, have some fun and go in on her for this week b/c this is some hella suspect sh*t if you ask me. LOL. Y'all know the routine, think 'em, diss 'em, ink 'em and post 'em into the comments section by Monday, September 20th.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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