Guest Star: "Lil Wayne Is An Addict, He's Addicted To Music, 100 Percent"

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010 11:50AM

Written by SOHH for Tha Bizness

[Fall Music Preview: "Every Girl" producer duo Tha Bizness talk about their first encounter with Lil Wayne and contribution to Tha Carter IV]


With Lil Wayne, he records so many songs you never really know how many he's done because it actually worked out. We were working with Drake when he was finishing up So Far Gone down in Atlanta and then Wayne happened to be in the other studio and he just came in to check out what was going on and at that time we had already done the "Every Girl" record and we did a couple with T-Pain, right when they were thinking about doing that T-Wayne album and so it was our first time actually meeting him so he gave us a little shout, appreciated what we were doing and talked about the music that we could make together and so he just asked for more joints.

We ended up giving him another CD and on that CD, he recorded to like, 14 of the 18 joints that were on there. So, hopefully some of them go on Tha Carter IV and some of them like the "Getter" joint he did for Michael Phelps, but you never know. He stays working and we stay working. It might be more once he gets out or, you never know, there should be a couple on there.

For Tha Carter IV, we brought in our signature approach, just like when we got in with Drake. A lot of the times, we do that all the time. We're not necessarily catering to the artists unless it's a specific thing they're going for. We're just trying to give them what we think they would sound dope over and it pretty much works out that way.

Dow Jones

He's an addict, he's addicted to music. 100 percent. And that's all we're there for because it's like how he was in The Carter movie, he'll be in the hotel room and set it up himself, like, "I'm just recording." You just gotta respect it because it's the same way you see athletes in different movies or magazines doing a 1000 jump shots a day, it's the same thing. It works the same way as a 9-5 guy putting in extra hours to be better at his job. You get out of it what you put into it and he puts a lot into it and that's probably why he's been able to have a career so long and staying so young.

With making the records, you still gotta be confident in what your'e doing and be able to lead a little bit, like, "This is what we think would be dope," and just give them that and more times than not, the response has been the same and worked out. They tend to see the same vision that we're seeing. Sometimes you just have to be assertive and stick up with the joints that you believe in.

Lil Wayne's Carter IV is scheduled to drop November 2010.

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