News: Kat Stacks Blasts B. Pumper's Adult Career Offer, "I Should Do A Motherf*cking Porn Movie W/ You?" [Video]

Monday, Sep 27, 2010 12:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap groupie Kat Stacks has responded to a recent offer made by porn star Brian Pumper to enter the adult film industry with his help.

In the video, Stacks laughs off Pumper's proposal and claims the graphic star is not financially stable.

"So I got this motherf*cker B. Pumper running his motherf*cking mouth talking about how I should f*ck with him if I want to make some real motherf*cking money," Stacks said in a response video. "Motherf*cker, my last name is Stacks for a motherf*cking reason. And real does not rhyme with your a** motherf*cker. Especially with that fake a** jewelry you got on...Then he said I should do a motherf*cking porn movie with you? Motherf*cker, the last b*tch you did a porno movie with was Laurence Fishburne's motherf*cking daughter and you left rust stains on her a** cheeks from your motherf*cking fake jewelry...I couldn't even eat chocolate chip cookies anymore because you left this b*tch's a** all spotted up." (World Star Hip Hop)

A few days ago, Pumper released his own video revealing an intent to upstart Stacks' career.

"There's a lot of b*tches I wanna f*ck," Pumper said in an interview with personality Jack Thriller. "We need to get Kat Stacks. She need to come get in the sh*t anyway. That celebrity money she's getting is slowing down. I'ma break her in. You know I'm the hottest porn company popping...If that b*tch's smart, she'll f*ck with me. Let me make her a star. B*tch, you can take what you're doing right now to the next level. What's good?" ("A Sit Down W/ Brian Pumper")

Earlier this month, Pumper talked about linking up with artists like 50 Cent to help his rap career.

"Uhhh, let me see. My n*gga Spliff Star from Flip Mode... we actually cut a song," Pumper revealed in an interview. "I've given Chamillionaire the Fattys, Rhymes & Dimes DVD, I've given 50 Fattys, Rhymes & Dimes. N*ggas f*ck with me. 50 told my n*gga Nelson to call me [and said] 'Tell Pumper to just get us all his music videos and YouTubes, take out the penetration and the nudity and clean it up and we gonna pump those.' N*ggas is helping at branding me as a mainstream artist." (VIBE)

Last month, Pumper discussed his admiration toward 50.

"I wanna do B. Pumper albums, which I wanna put out under 50 Cent. I want 50 Cent to sign me as a solo act," Pumper tells Pow-TV. "G-Unit stands for guerilla gangster sh*t, but a n*gga don't have to be be poppin pistols or selling crack. Anything can be considered gangster, 'Yo that n*gga's a fool, he be smashin all the shorties in the [porno] flicks you gangster for that, I like G-Unit, I like the style, the energy they bring in their music." (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out Brian Pumper & Kat Stacks' videos below:

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