5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Kane & Abel, "Back On Money"

Wednesday, Sep 29, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Kane & Abel

[After this week's release of Back On Money, New Orleans duo Kane & Abel break down the Top 5 reasons to go out and support their comeback LP.]

1. Back In The Saddle

[Kane & I] feel this is our best work since My Brother's Keeper. One of the overall reasons why we did this is because everywhere we went, people would always stop us and say, 'hey, when are y'all coming back?' And for a while, we were really moving away from the music and doing the movies for a real long time and then going all around the country, people would just keep stopping us and saying how much they wanted to hear from us. So we knew it was time to get back into the studio.

2. Country Cousins

There's a lot of really good verses on there from some really good artists. Like, Bun B ripped it. Juelz Santana has a really good song on there. Bobby V, Yung Joc, B.G., a lot of the features are really good. I think the album has really good verses. We're cool with a lot of these East Coast cats. We were born and raised in the Bronx, New York and moved to New Orleans when we were 15 so we still got a lot of East Coast connections and my brother still lives up there and stuff like that. So we still got a lot of love for the East Coast.

3. Bringing Down The House

The beats are banging. We had a lot of in-house guys like Big Los but there were people like Mouse that did a banger for us. So we got a lot of flavor from different producers when putting this album together.

4. Bi-Regional Sound

If you're looking for something different, we think this is a fusion between a Down South vibe and an East Coast vibe, so we have a pretty good mixture on here. We got a sound of music on here that represents different regions of the country and so it's not just one main sound that you're going to hear on this album.

5. On To The Next

Overall, it's just a real good quality album. It represents the next trend in hip-hop for all the music lovers out there. It's something that stands by itself and really is good from start to finish.

Kane & Abel's Back On Money is available for purchase by clicking here.

Check out some music videos from the album below:

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