Guest Star: "I Ate Breakfast W/ Kanye West Every Morning, Played Ball W/ Him Everyday & [Hit] The Studio W/ Him All Night"

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 12:35PM

Written by SOHH for Symbolyc One (S1)

[Fall Music Preview: "Power" producer Symbolyc One (S1) details his initial meeting with Kanye West and working on the rapper's upcoming untitled album.]

Man, this whole experience has been crazy. After I got the initial text message from Rhymefest saying that Kanye West was loving one of my songs and he wanted me to come out to Hawaii, immediately, I was like, "Man, what's going on?" You can just imagine what my flight was like. I received my itinerary for my flight out two days after that text so everything was just moving so fast. So my flight to Hawaii, the whole flight I'm like, "Dang, is this really going down?"

I was like, "This is really happening!" So, as soon as I landed, the driver picked me up at the hotel and he was like, "Mr. West wants you to take yourself into the hotel and come directly to the studio, so as soon as I went to the hotel, we went straight to the studio and that was my initial introduction to him.

I remember Rhymefest was in the studio with him. He introduced us together and then immediately after the introduction, Kanye West played the songs he has for the album and it was like, mind-blowing and during that, he played the "Power" joint. It was still in the very early stages, where he was just putting ideas down so he played me the initial "Power" and man, it was just incredible. Everyday was the same, he welcomed me into his life. Not just on the music tip, but into his life.

I ate breakfast with him every morning, played basketball with him everyday and would be in the studio with him all night. It was more than just the music. We really got to connect on all those types of levels. It was incredible. Kanye can actually hoop. He actually has game. He can handle the rock, he can shoot, he can really hoop. It kinda caught me by surprise, he gets down.

Prior to meeting Kanye, I had no idea what to expect. But I will say, this dude is one of the most genuine dudes you could ever meet. My stay there, he made everything so comfortable for me and made me feel like part of the family. He just has a good heart. And beyond his genius in the studio and behind his genius with ideas, I got to really see what type of person he was.

When we were putting together "Power" he would keep telling me, "Man, thank-you for this incredible beat" so he knew the potential it had and I guess that's why he made it his first single.

Symbolyc One is a Dallas, Texas-based producer who has most recently taken over the airwaves courtesy of his "Power" Kanye West record. He is currently working alongside G.O.O.D. Music artists Big Sean, Pusha T and more on their new projects.

Kanye West's untitled new album drops Tuesday, November 16th.

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Check out the "Power" music video below:

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