News: Foxy Brown Catches Big Break In Felony Case, "I Always Knew I Was Innocent"

Tuesday, Sep 7, 2010 4:59PM

Written by Biz Jones

New York rapper Foxy Brown has reportedly escaped a jail sentence after prosecutors dropped charges against her in relation to a restraining order violation charge earlier this summer.

Details on what happened today in a New York courtroom landed online Tuesday (September 7) afternoon.

Prosecutors dropped all but one charge against raunchy rapper Foxy Brown, guaranteeing she will get no jail time. Afterward, she said she has had so much legal trouble recently because people are jealous of her. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was only indicted for allegedly violating a court order that barred her from contacting a neighbor. A grand jury failed to indict her on two felonies and three of four misdemeanors. The rapper was in good spirits as she exited Brooklyn Supreme Court and spoke to reporters outside. "I always knew I was innocent. And this is all about jealousy," she said, without elaborating. (My Fox DC)

The rapper's attorney also spoke on what took place.

Brown's lawyer said the District Attorney's office sent the appearance notification for Brown's court hearing to the wrong lawyer, so her arraignment on the indictment was rescheduled for Friday. "The DA failed to indict her on all felony counts and three misdemeanors," said Brown's lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo. "They're going after the big fish." The Brooklyn DA's office, however, said they sent the court notification to the lawyer Brown said was representing her, later saying that Strazzullo's office had confirmed that they got the notification. But Strazzullo said he intends to fight the criminal contempt charge all the way. "When the DA pushes you, you have to push back harder," he said. If convicted of that count, Brown faces community service. (NewsCore)

Following the decision, Brown shared her happiness to media.

Brown appeared in Brooklyn Criminal Court for a 1 minute 22 second hearing and she learned the grand jury failed to indict her with two felonies and three of four misdemeanors. "I'm so happy, I'm just very happy," said Brown, dressed to the nines in a skimpy teal dress, dark sunglasses, a leopard print scarf and tan platform shoes. (New York Daily News)

Last month, Brown was indicted in the case and faced 365 days behind bars.

Rapper Foxy Brown has been indicted on charges of violating an order of protection stemming from a 2007 confrontation with her neighbor in New York City. The indictment announced Friday charges Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, with criminal contempt in the second degree. She could face up to one year in jail. A lawyer for Brown did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (Associated Press)

Check out a past Foxy Brown interview down below:

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