News: Drake & B.o.B. Putting Together Mystery Project, "Look For Something Out Of Them In January"

Wednesday, Sep 8, 2010 5:10PM

Written by Rosario Harper

B.o.B. and Drake have reportedly put in time together and will be releasing a collaborative project in early 2011.

According to B.o.B.'s manager B Rich, 50 Cent may also be working with the Grand Hustle artist.

"By the way B.o.B & Drake met look for something out of them in Jan. Drake is cool as f*ck!!," Rich tweeted late last week.
"50 cent was there he was cool he came up to B.o.b & said he has his CD in constant rotation & wants to do a song with B.o.B!!"
"@50cent Yo YO whats up man!! Ima send you the B.o.B hook I was telling you about" (B Rich's Twitter)

Prior to his Adventures of Bobby Ray debut dropping last spring, B.o.B. opened up about his anticipation to finally launch his career.

The Southern rapper recently talked about his anticipation to release the long-awaited debut."Getting to this point and finally getting an album out -- I know I speak on behalf of all my fans -- it's been a very long wait and I feel like everybody's finally ready for it," he explained in an interview. "Even though I've had a lot of music in the past, I feel like now it's timing, because timing plays a huge role in the success of things -- especially me, and getting here really took a lot of online presence, a lot of performing. It took a lot of shows..."I think now people know what they should expect, and even still, playing the album for people they're still like, 'Wow, I didn't know it was going to be that.' I think the fans know to expect decent music. I don't think anybody's expectations will be low for it, but I feel like it will definitely have some surprising factors to it." (MTV)

Following its release, B.o.B. shared his reaction to having a chart-topping debut to his name.

"To have a number one album is definitely unexpected," B.o.B. said about his debut's chart placement. "I was really hoping, just to have people buy it and that it was going to be in the stores. It's crazy because is it going to be in 'all' the stores? We went to the Best Buys, the Targets, just bought up the whole shelf. We even took the little barcode thing on the shelf that they label the shelf with, so it was a good time." (Hip Hollywood)

Since his debut earlier this year, B.o.B.'s new album has remained on the sales charts.

Evening things out in Top 50 is B.o.B.'s Adventures of Bobby Ray which feel seven slots to No. 46 with 8,400. After 19 weeks of availability, his debut album has sold 385,700 pieces. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out a recent B.o.B. interview down below:

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