5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Dorrough, "Get Big"

Thursday, Sep 16, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Dorrough

[After Dorrough's Get Big defied critics and charted the Top 200, Dallas' own gives readers his Top 5 reasons to go out and support his movement.]

1. 360 Degrees of Completion

I feel like these days, artists may only give you 12 to 14 tracks, but with my album, I'm giving you 16 to 19 tracks (depending on if you bought the deluxe version). I put together a variety of songs so there is something for everyone. There are club tracks, radio hits, ridin' music, and of course something for the ladies.

2. I Put On For My City

I'm representing a state with a long line of hip-hop legends. I am the newest face representing Texas hip-hop. I also represent a city (Dallas, TX) with little hip-hop history. I am one of the first to be seen and heard from my city on a large scale. The entire state of Texas is on Dallas music now, it's a young area but there is a lot of talent. If I win, Dallas and Texas wins and more doors will be opened for my city and state.

3. The Underdog Is Out To Win

Many people may not know but I am an independent artist. I don't have major label budgets but at the same time I had a platinum single ("Ice Cream Paint Job") and currently have a Top 20 song on Billboard ("Get Big"). I continue to make big records and work harder on an indie level to make major moves.

4. Freshman Roll Call

My album does feature some production from some familiar names (Nitti, Mouse, Big E) but I also work with upcoming producers. I like working with upcoming producers and providing opportunities for them to showcase their talent. This album has a track with 2Much (producer of "Ice Cream Paint Job") and Todd Hamburger (produced 1/3 of my debut album) and a host of other young producers.

5. Southern Rising

On this album I have hip-hop heavyweights like Jim Jones ("Get Em Live"), Juvenile ("Way Better"), Slim Thug ("Handcuffs"). I also have Yo Gotti on a track, Ray J, Gorilla Zoe and a Lil Duval skit. I didn't go too feature heavy because I am establishing myself but the features that are on the album enhance the sound.

Dorrough's Get Big is currently available nationwide and available for purchase by clicking here.

Check out some songs Dorrough's new album below:

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