Exclusive: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Album: Homeboy Sandman, "The Good Sun"

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010 2:15PM

Written by SOHH for Homeboy Sandman

[After this summer's release of The Good Sun, Queens emcee Homeboy Sandman breaks down the Top 5 reasons to support the "good" LP.]

1. One Of One

The number one reason why people should go out and buy my album is because there is no other music like my hip-hop music in the whole world. No one in the whole world can do what I'm doing. No one in the world can rhyme like I'm rhyming. Nobody has the cadence, nobody has the melodies, nobody can put the words together like me. It is one of a kind. It is completely brand new. At the crux of this record, the number one reason is the music. The music is super excellent. People forget that hip-hop is actually music. It's nothing image-based. It's about how nice you are flowing over beats.

2. Beyond Boundaries 

On here, we have diversity of content. You know how rappers are always talking about the same thing all the time, you got the club record or about being in the club, a record about how you're the toughest drug dealer or killer in the world and how nice you are about rapping? I got songs on my record about people making mean faces at each other, I got records on my album about the things you carry in your pockets. I got records about homeless people. I got records about the universe and the planets. Diversity of content. You can make a hip-hop record about anything. You can make a hip-hop record about making tea or a shake. We lose dimensions as a culture when we keep paying attention to the same things again and again and again. My album is about diversity in content. It's hip-hop about life. Not just hip-hop about hip-hop.

3. Old School Tools, New School Rules

On the production side, you got the old to the new. There's a foundation of legendary producers. I've got DJ Spinna who has worked with Eminem. Ski Beatz and Psycho Les from The Beatnuts. These guys are legendary producers that are known the world over. But in addition to that, we have Core Rhythm, 2 Hungry Bros and KO Beatz who are the up-and-comers people are going to be talking about in 10 years as legends. On the production side, we have the great blend of the old school champs as well as the new school champs.

4. Reflection Eternal

This album is my most personal album. This is my third album. With my first two albums, I was very concerned with showcasing how super nice I am. I do so [on this album] as well, but I had a tendency to not be as personal and really not be able to speak on myself and my life and I know a lot of listeners like to connect with an artist and know what is going on in their life. So this is my most personal record yet. It shows personal growth. I speak on substance abuses I've had through all my life, I speak on family a lot. This is a record that not only will you be entertained and moved but you will gain a lot of insight into who I am as a person.

5. You Can Bump This With Your Homies... And Granny

The record is rated E. Just like E for video games, this album is for everybody. There's not a single curse on the album. In addition to not having any curses on the album, there's a thousand different moods in there. There's stuff that's really comical. The song "Mean Mugs" is about people making different faces but the tone of it is very comical and fun. There's something on there, that no matter what type of mood you're in to, that's on there. It's not the same song 14 times. I'm a multi-faceted artist. Kids can listen to it, adults can listen to it, tough cats can listen to it, cats that are not really tough but are concerned with acting tough can listen to it and figure out how to get over that. We have stuff for everybody.

Homeboy Sandman's The Good Sun is available for purchase by clicking here.

Check out some of Homeboy Sandman's music below:

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