News: 50 Cent Addresses Soulja Boy's Cocaine Gossip, "A Girl's Setting Him Up"

Thursday, Sep 9, 2010 11:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has explained his recent vouching for Soulja Boy Tell Em weeks after footage hit the Internet suggesting he may be a cocaine user.

Calling into New York radio station Hot 97 Thursday (September 9) night, 50 blamed celebrity groupie Kat Stacks for setting him up and said the 20 year-old rapper does not do cocaine.

"For Soulja Boy, this is a difficult time for him, he ain't never been under the circumstances where a girl's setting him up, he's working his way through it," 50 told radio personality Funkmaster Flex. "You know what's ill, I actually spoke with him afterward. I was saying, 'Don't even talk about it, you see what kind of person you're dealing with.' When he didn't say anything, a week later it came out there was no condom. Yeah, there was no condom. They went from that regular scenario that we saw to it being no condom. That's not true, that's what was 'said.' That's what was said. That came out, that's what was said. It went through Twitter like that. I was like, 'Man, just don't say nothing. They're trying to thrive off of this. It's gonna be new negative energy.' ... Fab got good sense, it's the persons around the artist that don't have good sense -- I'm speaking idiot language on Twitter, when I actually do and talk that aggressive, it's for the guys on the sidelines that knows it can actually be an issue...Soulja Boy don't get high. He smokes a little weed, he don't do that. He's not in the frame." (Hot 97)

50 Cent backed up Soulja Boy and told people to leave him alone earlier this week via Twitter.

"I told you n*ggas a long time ago soulja boy my little n*gga yal better leave him the f*ck alone for somebody get hurt."
"I get all you n*ggas killed f*ck that. I dear you n*ggas touch him. Soulja say what ever you wantN*ggas aint gone do sh*t." (50 Cent's Twitter)

Prior to deading their problems, Fabolous taunted Soulja Boy for being an alleged cocaine user.

"Jus finished my 3rd photo shoot of the day. Now that I'm finished I can finally pay some attention to a 19yr old cokehead named @SouljaBoy," Fab tweeted.
"#SouljasCokeHabit made him talk sh*t about me on twitter. Then he sobered up, and deleted the tweets#TypicalCokeHeadSh*t"
"Let me find out,#SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine'd out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out.." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Last month, footage of Kat Stacks hit the Internet making accusations about Soulja Boy.

"What up y'all, this Kat Stacks b*tch," Stacks said in a bathrobe recording herself. "Can't really speak loud right now because Soulja Boy's in the shower. Anyway though, I'm here at the motherf*cking hotel, at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta right across the street from Soulja Boy's condo. Anyway, I been here kicking it with this motherf*cker. Yo, this motherf*cker is a motherf*cking coke head. This motherf*cker's been doing dope all motherf*cking day. That's why n*gga can't f*ck me right. I f*cked this n*gga three times. The first two times he came in five seconds, the third time he couldn't get hard and the n*gga still came. This n*gga's a motherf*cking coke head yo. Yo, check this out yo. Look at this sh*t man, this n*gga's a motherf*cking coke head yo. It's funny as h*ll." (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Fabolous speaking on Soulja Boy Tell Em below:

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