News: Swizz Beatz Turns To Fans For Album Title, "I'm Done Trying To Name It"

Monday, Aug 9, 2010 4:15PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Newlywed producer Swizz Beatz has reached out to fans in hopes of helping secure an album title for his upcoming solo LP.

Beatz is currently calling the solo project The Perception of Greatness.

"I still need a name for my Album :( so far its called KING ISSUES ..............," he wrote Monday (August 9) afternoon.
"I will let you guys name it I am done with trying to name it:)."
"I don't want to use the word king in my Album name lets think of something new with a new feel.I have so much to talk about this time!."
"THE PERCEPTION OF GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK THATS IT :) whats your perception of greatness? ALBUM TIME!!!!!!!!
(Swizz Beatz's Twitter)

Beatz recently said he was going to feature Jay-Z, Drake and his wife Alicia Keys on the LP.

"I'm working on my album which is super incredible," he tells OK!. "Got everybody on there from Jay-Z to John Legend to Mary [J. Blige] to Drake. Super amazing album. I'm also working on Lenny Kravitz new album, working with Cold Play. When you're in album mode and you're in producing mode, working with any great artist you have fun and try to create the best music you can create. On one song [Alicia] just played keys on. I don't know, cause I don't know which one I'm going to use. I have a few songs. I'm probably going to drop my single with Mary before the summer is over. I'm shooting for that and I'm looking for fall to be Swizz Beatz mania." (OK Magazine)

Earlier this year, Beatz promised to take an experimental approach with the new album.

"2010, I feel is my graduation year," Beatz said in an interview. "And so I'm gonna graduate my brand, my image, my music, my sound, my audience, my reach, everything. So my album is gonna reflect that. I traveled to different countries collecting sounds and bringing it back to the culture because nobody's really raising the bar. And with music, there are things artists are just getting by with and I feel we just need to bring something more tangible to the table so where it's not like a bubble gum factory where the fans are just chewing up the latest flavor and spitting it out. Music used to be something you wanted to put on your shelf as a trophy because it takes you to a moment in time, it takes you to an era, it takes you to that feeling so I think that adding different elements that's not expected, that's not overexposed, that's something new, we can make those moments in time again." (Rap-Up TV)

Last month, Beatz and singer Alicia Keys officially married.

The couple brought together an intimate gathering of family and friends and celebrated their new marriage and their baby on the way, aboard a 260-foot yacht on the Mediterranean Sea, near Sardinia's uber-exclusive Costa Smeralda enclave* (think St.Tropez-swag on 100-thousand-trillion, lol). Obviously because Swizz and AK aren't Italian citizens, they got officially hitched in the Tri-State area before leaving for Europe. And at that small ceremony, the bride reportedly wore Vera Wang, the groom wore Tom Ford, and, of course, the footwear was all Louboutin (Swizz's friend and collaborator*). (Miss Info)

Check out some recent Swizz Beatz footage down below:

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