Exclusive: Sean Garrett Talks "Inking" Drake, Fabolous & Gucci Mane, "That's Family Right There"

Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With this week's release of Sean Garrett's The Inkwell mixtape, SOHH hit up the producer to get an exclusive scoop on what fans can expect from his new compilation.

In addition to explaining the "inkwell" symbolism on his mixtape, Garrett also spoke on the importance of having good visuals to support good music.

"The Inkwell is just stupid [good]," Garrett explained to SOHH while describing his mixtape cover which features him dripped in black ink. "We coming out that ink, the ink's coming out of my skin and basically saying the ink never dries. It's really crazy and I wanted to get even crazier with the visuals but then again I have to let the music super cede the visuals. I learned some big lessons a couple years ago, like, when I was doing the mohawk, I was about being defiant. I was really on my defiant sh*t and basically I was like, 'F*ck the industry,' at that moment because I felt I had to do so much to the industry and I wanted to get that love back. I realized I was in a game where when you're successful, it gets more difficult. I had to learn that the hard way and that's why I did the mohawk and I learned a valuable lesson that is making sure your visuals connect with your music so people never get it misconstrued. I'm getting ready to do a new GQ spread very soon so it's gonna be a lot of new sh*t you're gonna see from me." (SOHH)

Garrett also explained how he managed to snag collaborations from Fabolous, Drake, Soulja Boy Tell Em and more.

"A lot of my friends in the industry are young, we're all young and around the same age and we f*ck with each other," Garrett added. "Fabolous, that's my homie. Rocko is my homie. Roscoe Dash, that's my home. Bun B is the big homie. Drake, that's family right there. Gucci Mane and Tyga, we're family. One thing about people in the A, we stick together. I'm just excited about the whole mixtape album. This sh*t's crazy. You can't front on it...After this, I'm gonna go on a promo tour, promote the sh*t outta this and we got a real big video coming up." (SOHH)

Helping with the mixtape's narration is hitmaker DJ Green Lantern who serves as Garrett's host.

Singer-songwriter Sean Garrett makes his official mixtape debut with The Inkwell, his first full-length effort since the international release of his 2008 debut Turbo 919. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern, the mixtape sees the 31-year-old Georgia native flexing both his songwriting and performing chops, with heavy-hitting guest appearances from artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Bun B, and Tyga to help out on the vocal tip. (Rap-Up)

The mixtape's tracklisting was released online earlier this month.

1.) Intro 2.) She Geeked ft Tyga & Gucci Mane 3.) Summer Love ft Bun B & Yo Gotti 4.) Get It All ft Nicki Minaj 5.) Feel Love ft Drake 6.) Stoopidd 7.) Come when my Girl Come ft. Fabolous 8.) Girls on Girls ft Lil Wayne 9.) Oh My 10.) Wait ft Rocko 11.) Whoa ft Roscoe Dash 12.) Strip Club ft Soulja Boy 13.) One Day 14.) Hood Of My Car (The Inkwell)

Listen to Sean Garrett & Drake's "Fell Love" below:

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