Guest Star: "If You're In Your Early 20's, The Mohawk Is Done" -Fabolous' Barber

Monday, Aug 2, 2010 11:35AM

Written by SOHH for Jose Juarez

Around this time of the year, Fabolous, DJ Envy and Joe Budden usually get the regular cuts, which is a Caesar. That's even all around, a fresh shape-up, goatees too. DJ Envy keeps a goatee, Fab gets his front done to make it look clean.

But as far as what kids are doing, they're pretty much still with the mohawks even though that style has been out for five years now. Kids are still doing mohawks but for the older people, mohawks are pretty much done but as far as the kids, they're still rocking that. Very few college guys are still rocking the mohawks and those that are are kinda late on it.

Most college guys tend to get their haircuts right before the first day of classes so they can be as fresh as they can be. But either the day before or two days before, either one, but it's better for them to get their haircuts done then because if there's not that much room in a barbershop, it can get kinda crazy. But still, most people will get theirs on the day before classes.

Most of us barbers do appointments but it depends on the barbershop. If a barber takes appointments, always make sure you take one because that'll set up your time right so you can be in and out and your barber takes his time with you. It's not like he has 10 other people waiting and then he'll try to rush you, so, if a shop takes them, appointments are very important.

For the older people, maybe like if you're in your early 20's, the mohawk is done. For younger ones, they can still pull it off. So as far as what style is played out, I would say that'll be it. A lot of dudes, believe it or not, do not like fades. They feel the fades are old-school but some people in certain cases can get away with fades. But it all depends on the type of hair. If you can do waves, waves is always a good look and if you can get away with a Caesar and it suits you well, then that's what it is.

A lot of the college kids are getting the Caesar or a one all-around low cut but the most important thing is the shape-up. Shape-ups gotta look good at that age, when you're fully grown and if your facial hair has come in and if they can have a beard or a goatee, college guys are really excited to have that done well because they finally have hair there and so they want to have a shape-up and goatee that's fresh.

The haircuts that we do at our spot, The Shop, in Englewood, New Jersey, are very specialized. There is precision, straight razors and the clippers that we use so as good as anybody might be, I don't recommend anybody doing their hair themselves because it's not going to look good. I can't even do my own haircut because with the angles, you can't get it right with that perspective. I don't recommend anybody doing their own anything but if you have to, I would recommend you take it down yourself and then you can go and get a shape-up. That way, you're getting a haircut for the price of a shape-up. Or you could always find someone that's starting out that's not that bad and won't push your hairline back and then you're good.

Jose Juarez is a professional barber who has become renowned for placing his signature touch on the tops of Fabolous, DJ Envy, DJ Clue, Joe Budden and more from Englewood, New Jersey barbershop "The Shop." Having cut hair there for over six years, Jose is open to new clients. Feel free to set-up your next cut by setting up an appointment with him on Twitter or via e-mail, [email protected]

Check out Jose Juarez cutting Fabolous' hair below:

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