News: G. Dep Set To Finally Move Past Diddy W/ "Ghetto Legend" LP

Thursday, Aug 12, 2010 1:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Former Bad Boy Records artist G. Dep is set to place his days running next to Diddy aside with the release of his upcoming album, Ghetto Legend.

The project is set to hit online retailers sometime in September.

Famous Records president, Jeffrey Collins is happy to announce that former Bad Boy recording artist G. Dep, recently signed with Famous, for the distribution & promotion of his new album "Ghetto Legend". G. Dep's first commercial release for several years will be released worldwide in late September, through the Universal digital network and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and over 100 other online retailers. (Hip Hop Press)

Confirmation from Dep and Famous Records President Jeffrey Collins has already been made.

"I am thrilled that I finally chose Famous Records as my new label and am quietly confident that with Mr. Collins vast experience in the Music Industry, that Famous will be my home for some time to come. Only good things will come from this move," Dep said in a statement. Jeffrey Collins added "G. Dep is a welcome addition to the Famous Family that includes:- Father MC, KRS-ONE, Ernest Kohl, Colonel Abrams, Frukwan from the Gravediggaz, Ram Squad, Shan Shizzy and a host of up & coming new artists, in every genre of music." (Hip Hop Press)

In late 2009, Dep said he was one of the artists forced to leave Diddy's company.

"The death in my family, that was kinda when I really let it all go," Dep revealed in an interview with Ms. Drama. "I'm definitely trying to get a [label] situation, this is what I do. Before Bad Boy, I always did music...I haven't spoke to Black Rob in a while. Last conversation we had, we wrote each other...I'm day-to-day, like, it's really like, I'm really like struggling, you know what I'm saying? I just rely on positive thinking -- right now, I got royalties and shows, whatever shows...It wasn't really no bad feelings before then. Just one day, I came to the studio and Puff was like 'Yo, it's highway time.' At that time, people had to be let go from the label, he had to make room for Loon, he had to cut off loose ends and I was just one of 'em." (Ms. Drama TV)

Dep's Bad Boy debut, Child of the Ghetto, was released in 2001.

Dep played an important role in this Bad Boy era, being second only to Black Rob as Diddy's right-hand man. Dep's debut album, Child of the Ghetto, appeared in late 2001, featuring "Let's Get It," one of the better songs on the previously released Saga Continues, along with the lead single "Special Delivery." Child of the Ghetto, like most Bad Boy album releases of the time, didn't make a lasting impression, however, and Dep fell by the wayside. (CMT)

Check out a recent G. Dep interview down below:

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