News: Fat Joe Explains Real Reason Behind Selling $4 Mil Mansion, "In The Suburbs, It's Sh*t I've Never Seen In My Life" [Video]

Monday, Aug 23, 2010 4:30PM

Written by Biz Jones

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe recently revealed the real motivation behind recently putting his $4 million Florida home on the market.

Joe claims the wild life and distance from parties forced him and his wife to resort back to a Miami residence.

"Through the permits, it's so hard to get the right permits and all that," Joe said about building his Florida home years ago. "So it's built, it's beautiful and I love it. [I'm selling it] because we want to move closer to the beach and we come from New York. I've lived close to a beach in Miami for like 10 years and then this suburban life, I thought I really wanted to be in the suburbs but you know, it's frogs, it's lizards, it's sh*t I've never seen in my life. Possums look like wolves and sh*t, I got them lights in case the burglar come and every day a f*cking raccoon comes through the back and sh*t lights up and I'm ready to grab for that thing and it's fall. We like to party and it's like 40 minutes away from the party and out there they catch you drinking and driving. But the house is gorgeous man and for the record, there's no mortgage on the house. My house is paid for. I spent close to $4 million on that house out of pocket. So I don't know the rumors about why I'm selling it." (Vlad TV)

Joe recently made headlines for putting his Florida mansion up for sale.

Rapper Fat Joe is selling his Plantation, Fla., home for $1,999,000, which could be considered a deal when compared to neighboring houses for sale, and by how much he dropped the price about eight months ago. His house at 1203 NW 121st Ave. was priced at $2,399,000 in October 2009, but in December 2009 the price dropped $400,000, or 16.7 percent, to the price it remains today. (Housing Watch)

The rapper later denied rumors that he was selling it due to financial problems.

"I'm selling my mansion, and I got a crib like everyone else in the world. I'm selling my home like everyone else in the world," Fat Joe joked. "Yea you know my wife she wants to move back towards the beach, we out a little west in the suburbs so you know. You know, a man just trying to live, just trying to survive man. (laughs)" (All Hip Hop)

Despite the financial denials, Joe's tax debt records leaked on the Internet last June.

When rapper Fat Joe listed his $2 million Florida mansion for sale recently, the 39-year-old denied speculation the sale was spurred by financial woes. Yet he does have money problems, according to public records that reveal a recent $71,611default judgment in a lawsuit filed by his bank and more than $139,000 in delinquent state and federal taxes since 2008. The state of New Jersey filed a $2,200 tax lien against Fat Joe and his Terror Squad Productions Inc. on March 18 in New Jersey State Superior Court. The IRS filed a $31,987 tax lien against Fat Joe on Feb. 2 with the Mercer County (N.J.) Clerk. The state of New Jersey filed a $105,000 tax lien against Fat Joe and Terror Squad on Aug. 14, 2008, in New Jersey State Superior Court. (Detroit News)

Check out Fat Joe's interview below:

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