News: Fabolous Has "No Beef" With Soulja Boy, "Everybody Knows What Kat Stacks Does" [Video]

Saturday, Aug 28, 2010 10:22AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Fabolous has cleared the air after recently taunting Soulja Boy Tell Em on Twitter for getting caught in a hotel room with self-proclaimed groupie Kat Stacks.

Fab said despite his jokes, there are no ill feelings toward Soulja Boy.

"I was mind boggled," Fab said about the footage of Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks in a hotel room. "Everybody knows what Kat Stacks does and what she's about. It was just funny to me. I just did it out of good humor, I have nothing against Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy's a talent, he's young, he's doing his thing as a young man in this industry...I had a little fun on Twitter, I have no beef with Soulja Boy, hopefully he doesn't have a personal gripe or beef with me. It's just in good humor, people joke with me all the time. They have a Fab chipped tooth page of me on Twitter." (Real Talk NY)

Last Tuesday, Fab hit up Twitter to clown the 20 year-old rapper.

"I jus watched a worldstarhiphop video that should be titled "Stupid Boy Swag"," he tweeted Tuesday (August 24) night.
"Lettin Kat Stacks in ur hotel room alone is #StupidBoySwag.. *All u rappers pay attention, that right there is called#StupidBoySwag* AYYYY" (Fabolous' Twitter)

The footage also caught rapper 50 Cent's attention who referenced it in a tweet.

"Soulja Boy my little n*gga They just cought him snow mobilingIts cool. I got a n*gga dat a handle dat kat stacksB*tch for him right quick," 50 tweeted Thursday (August 26) night. (50 Cent's Twitter)

Video footage of Soulja Boy and Stacks hit the Internet earlier this week.

"What up y'all, this Kat Stacks b*tch," Stacks said in a bathrobe recording herself. "Can't really speak loud right now because Soulja Boy's in the shower. Anyway though, I'm here at the motherf*cking hotel, at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta right across the street from Soulja Boy's condo. Anyway, I been here kicking it with this motherf*cker. Yo, this motherf*cker is a motherf*cking coke head. This motherf*cker's been doing dope all motherf*cking day. That's why n*gga can't f*ck me right. I f*cked this n*gga three times. The first two times he came in five seconds, the third time he couldn't get hard and the n*gga still came. This n*gga's a motherf*cking coke head yo. Yo, check this out yo. Look at this sh*t man, this n*gga's a motherf*cking coke head yo. It's funny as h*ll." (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Fabolous' interview below:

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