News: Eve Looks To Cash-In On $2 Million Hollywood Crib

Thursday, Aug 12, 2010 10:20AM

Written by Biz Jones

Ruff Ryders' Eve is reportedly looking to cash-in on her $2 million Hollywood Hills California home as reports suggest she has placed her residence on the market.

According to reports, she is looking to either sell or lease the home.

Rapper and actress Eve has listed her Hollywood Hills home at $2,045,000 or for lease at $15,000 a month, the Multiple Listing Service shows. The contemporary Mediterranean has large public rooms designed for entertaining and city light views. There are four bedrooms, 41/2 bathrooms and 4,297 square feet of living space. She purchased the gated house in 2005 for $1,775,000, public records indicate. The home originally came on the market a year ago at $2,395,000 and has been relisted this time with Joshua Altman and Matthew J. Altman of Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills, according to the MLS. (Los Angeles Times)

Last May, Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West also listed one of his Los Angeles homes for sale.

Kanye West is packing his Louis Vuitton trunks and moving out. The rapper has put his 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom Hollywood Hills home on the market for $3,995,000. The minimalistic, 4,214-square-foot residence features breathtaking views of Los Angeles, an aquarium in the bathtub, theater, closet akin to a designer boutique, and built-in computers to control the property. Kanye has decorated his West Coast crib with artwork from Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, and even a life-sized Buzz Lightyear. He still owns a place in New York City, but has been spending most of his time in Hawaii lately recording his fifth studio album. (Rap-Up)

After reports got out that Fat Joe was selling his Florida home due to financial problems, the rapper later came forward to deny the allegations.

"I'm selling my mansion, and I got a crib like everyone else in the world. I'm selling my home like everyone else in the world," Fat Joe joked. "Yea you know my wife she wants to move back towards the beach, we out a little west in the suburbs so you know. You know, a man just trying to live, just trying to survive man. (laughs)" (All Hip Hop)

Working on a new album, Eve recently talked about being dropped from Interscope Records.

"[Interscope was] stupid because they didn't drop me at first, they [just shelfed me] and dropped the ball," Eve explained in an interview. "After 'Tambourine', they straight up were like, 'Umm, yeah, nah, we're not putting out the record.' After that I was like 'Y'all gotta let me go. I've been here 11 years and you're frontin on me?' It got to that point...They promised me the machine. The machine is basically the roll out. It's 'Yo, when ['Flirt'] comes out, we'll give you this, we'll give you that. And that's what made me mad. It'd be different if we didn't have a meeting where people promised me sh*t. If they were just like 'Oh we're going to put the album out and see what happens,' that would be one thing...But they were like 'No, we're making sure this happens, it's coming out on this date.' It was concrete. But it's all good, everything happens how it's supposed to, when it's supposed to." (VIBE)

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