News: Drake Demands In-House Producer To Only Work With 3 Artists

Friday, Aug 27, 2010 4:25PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Drake's "Successful" producer, Noah "40" Shebib, has revealed that the Young Money superstar has requested that he only produce tracks for three particular artists.

According to 40, his loyalty to Drake only allows him to currently do records for his long-time friend Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne.

"At this point in time the only rappers I have any interest in working with outside of Drake are Wayne and [Jay-Z]," 40 revealed in an interview. "And that's from Drake's mouth. I think Drake has been so instrumental in creating that sound that I have a commitment to him. If he doesn't' want me to give it away I won't...My ambitions are to stay focused with Drake. When it comes time to develop another artist I'll make that move...I feel blessed. I'm a kid from Toronto. I've been driving my mom's station wagon for the last 8 years for real. I'm trying to make a career for myself and not flush it down the toilet." (VIBE)

In a past interview, Drake opened up about his relationship with 40.

There's no question that Drake is the biggest thing in rap, but the industry is just starting to understand the talent of Noah "40" Shebib, the producer/engineer behind almost all of Drizzy's music. Last week MTV featured the low-key mastermind in their documentary Drake: Better Than Good Enough, where the rapper confessed, "40 is everything to me. Without 40, I don't know what I would do." It's the rare musical partnership that seems to be clicking on every level, but most don't know that 40 has something else in common with Drake: he was also a child actor. (Complex)

Last September, 40 signed a management deal with Hip-Hop Since 1978.

Drake's longtime engineer and producer Noah "40" Shebib has joined the famed Hip-Hop Since 1978 family. Known for producing the bulk of Drizzy's critically-acclaimed So Far Gone mixtape, including the monster single "Successful," recently caught up with 40 to talk about his new management deal. "Working around Drake so much and with G and [Cor]Tez {Bryant] and everybody you know, [I] ended up becoming very close with them," 40 said. "Coming from Toronto and New York City where Hip Hop Since 1978 is based is like a second home to me. It was an easy fit." (XXL Mag)

Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later, has sold almost one million records since its release last June.

Young Money rapper Drake's Thank Me Later slipped one notch to No. 12 with 23,400. Heading into his 11th week, the emcee's long-awaited debut should reach platinum status next week with 993,500 records already sold. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out footage of Drake and 40 down below:

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