Pulse Report: Jay-Z & Diddy's $$$ Makes 50 Cent A Cash Queen, Nicki Minaj Has Rap In A Chokehold, Baby Is The New Russell Simmons

Friday, Aug 20, 2010 3:00PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we're gonna watch Jay-Z and Diddy's cash flow body 50 Cent, pay homage to the new Russell Simmons, find out why Nicki Minaj has a chokehold on the rap game and oh SOHH much more!

1. King Me

D*mn, doggies, this year's Forbes' Cash Kings list is ridiculously funny. Not so much because we see Jay-Z and Diddy in the list but that Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and DRAKE made more $$$ than 5-0 Cent? LMFAO!!! This has to be a clerical error, right? LMFAO!!! Before we see who made the cut, let's just analyze a few things. In 2008, when those numbers came out, 5-0 held his ground at No. 1 with Jay and Puffy looking in the rearview, right? Then this clown caught feelings when he got booted to No. 4 last year, getting edged out by Kanye West. OK. But now, to get tossed all the way to No. 15? SMFH. There's no excuse doggies, especially with as much as this clown says he's WORKING. Those tours? Those straight-to-DVD movies that he claims are where the REAL $$$ is at? Or how about all those iTunes sales G-Unit is raking in? SMH. It's over, doggies, admit it:

#1. Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter - $63m #2. Sean "Diddy" Combs - $30M #3. Aliuane "Akon" Thiam - $21M [that Lady Gaga money is no joke...] #4. Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter - $20M #5. Andre "Dr. Dre" Young - $17M #6. Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges - $16M #7. Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus - $15M #8. Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley - $14M #9. Pharrell Williams - $13M #10 Kanye West - $12M #11. Aubrey "Drake" Graham - $10M #12. Clifford "T.I." Harris - $9M (tie) #12. Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean - $9M (tie) #14. Marshall "Eminem" Mathers - $8M (tie) #14 Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson - $8M (tie)

^ LOL. Good looks @NahRight for that list. Some things ain't adding up, doggies. We can understand how Jay got $63 million from Roc Nation (J. Cole, Wale, Blueprint III Tour, etc.) and Diddy's a** was all over those informercials and let's not forget that Lady Gaga money ain't a joke for Akon along with Dr. Dre's dope BEATS. But Ludacris? F*cking Drake!?!? T.I.??? Wait......how the h*ll did T.I. make more $$$ than 5-0 when he was LOCKED UP for 6-8 months!?!?! SMH...... Look at those numbers doggies, this post is short but the comments should be long. Feeling sad about 5-0's numbers? Maybe it's just me, but something tells me he had this coming...............

50 CentG-Unit

"I'm on deck," 50 said in an interview in JULY 2009. "I'm loaded. Call me 'four' this year, and then you call me 'one' next year, because I'm really preparing for my cycle. They're fine...What kind of person would be upset at what position they fall when they're on the Forbes list. That person would be a complete idiot. Ask me to show you a person who's happy, and I'll show you someone who's content. And if you ask me to show you a guy who's piss-poor with really nice things around him, I'll show you the guy that's on that list that's worried about being number one. And [the person] won't stay there, trust me."

^ ....."call me 'one' next year...." Really 5-0? REALLLLY? And yeah, I hear your issue about the accomplishment to be on the FORBES list, but that's like saying what doggy would be mad to get SIGNED to Interscope? Call Wale, Charles Hamilton and the rest of those other doggies. And I pulled that quote, doggies, to say this. If you really believe everything coming out of this Gorilla-Doggy's mouth, then why when you have the PROOF right in front of your eyes that he's speaking bullsh*t, do you continue to DEFEND and VOUCH for this clown? SMH.........

2. The New Def Jam Records

Go ahead doggies, consider my words "STFU" Honors material, but at least hear me out first. Baby is the NEW Russell Simmons. Whether y'all want to admit it or just skip over this to peep this week's Mrs. Butterworth (she's juicy, too!), you cannot deny how powerful Cash Money Records is becoming. And let's stop lying, we all KNOW Young Money is the same company, don't get sh*t twisted thinking Nicki Minaj is not technically a Cash Money Records artist. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, wants to be Cash Money affiliated more than ever right now. But first up, Shyne?


"I might do that. I'm not sure," Shyne said about possibly releasing an album on Cash Money. "We're still finishing the fine points and negotiating that. Maybe I'll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I've got so much to say, you dig? I don't think I can answer all the questions on one album. So I definitely think we can put out two different albums on the same day at the end of the year, then come back with a third one or another double set six months later. Get all this sh*it off my chest."

^ So this doggy wants to drop an album on Def Jam AND Cash Money Records. SMFH...even though we think he has turned into straight a** since getting out of prison, especially after 5-0 pranked the h*ll out of him last week, you can't lie, having Shyne drop something on Cash Money would be a GOOD LOOK. Let's be honest, doggies, Bow Wow and Jay Sean are cool but haven't even an ounce of street credibility to their names. Shyne on CM would be like when 5-0 recruited Game to G-Unit. Just to add another element. But even bigger than that? Recruiting Bizzy Bone? WTF?

Bizzy BoneBirdman

"Cash Money, Young Money and such labels as this know how to treat a artist," Bizzy said in a statement. "Whether the artist has been in the industry for a decade or brand new to the system. They (Cash Money, Young Money, G Unit etc.) respect the artist position and know how to market and promote a top caliber artist(s)."

^ Whether Bizzy Bone is just kissing a** to get Baby's attention or really feels like Cash Money is a hot label, this is f*cking amazing that he's upping a company that has been publicly sh*tted on by producers like Jim Jonsin and Bangladesh.

Need an explanation for all this, doggies? Well, even though I planned on featuring this in the "STFU" Honors section, Baby pretty much lays out the formula for why CMB is out-doing the industry:

Baby & Lil WayneBow Wow & Birdman

"I look at that sh*t as we went through war and we sustained the weather and we stood in the fog," Baby said in an interview. "Even when muthaf*ckas counted us out, we stood up and we manned up. We did everything we had to, to get where we're at today. I think God gives it to ya when he feels you're ready for it. It took us a long time; we had to go through a lot of changes. A lot of obstacles, losses, gains. I just think right now we're so great at this sh*t. We got so many young n*ggas who look at me andWayne and what we've accomplished. You see the hunger [that] Drake and all the rest of those little n*ggas [have] because they're reaching for those stories. We work like n*ggas who never made a dollar and I think that's impressive to them. That makes them go harder. Those little n*ggas got promising futures."

^ D*mn, hate it or love it, Baby has a point. No other label has hotter artists, mainstream artists and, most importantly, SELLING artists. Not familiar with the Def Jam/Russell Simmons' 1990's days? Just think DMX, Jay-Z, EPMD, Ja Rule, Redman, Method Man and all those other motherf*ckers from Def Jam Vendetta. LOL. The list runs long, doggies, for CM going with Lil Wayne, Cool & Dre, Bow Wow, possibly Shyne/Bizzy Bone/Sean Garrett/Freeway/DJ Khaled, Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolph and the Young Money roster...so don't sleep on this squad.

3. The Day The Earth Stood Still

Doggies and b*tches (female dogs, doggies) alike, it is true. Nicki Minaj is the hottest artist out. When Kanye West said it, I kinda shrugged but when the f*cking Associated Press interviews rap doggies about what THEY think about her? SMFH. It's bigger than her just being a "good" female rapper. She is THE rapper out right now. Doggies might shrug too but her buzz is bigger than Drake. Her following is bigger than Drake. (Do the math doggies, she hit that million follower mark weeks before Frogger). Even though I hate her album title, Pink Friday, she has even given herself months to do whatever changes she feels necessary. Anyway, getting to the point at hand, here's why your favorite artists are f*cking with this Barbie:


PharrellNicki Minaj

"I think since Nicki came out there's going to be a lot of new girls coming out. There's always one that paves the way and opens the door [and] I think she reopened the door to hip-hop for females."


LudacrisNicki Minaj

"Now that you have somebody that has pretty much her own style and does her own thing, people are gravitating toward it, so I think that makes her stick out 'cause she's so different."

5-0 Cent

50 CentNicki Minaj

"There's not as many female rappers because there's not as many emerging crews. When those new crews come up, there's a potential for a female artist when the head of that crew sees the idea of bringing someone to speak from a female perspective."


EveNicki Minaj

"Even though Nicki is representing for females period, she's not representing for every female. She's a specific type of entertainer. There are a lot of different kind of men out there representing for the males, and you need a lot of different females that represent for the different kinds of females. ... Honestly, between [Lauryn Hill] and me and Nicki being out there, hopefully a lot of other females will be coming up."

Queen Latifah

Game, Drake, Queen Latifah, Cool &-DreNicki Minaj

"Part of the reason hip-hop was dead is because there weren't any female emcees out, really like in the forefront of hip-hop, playing on the radio, in the daytime, every day."

SMFH. F*ck it doggies, "It's Butters Barbie, b*ttttttttch!!!!" CO-SIGNED.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Dela Monet

Doggies, I have yet to fail y'all at this point and once again Bulldog Butters has come through with the most juicy Mrs. Butterworth we have seen thus far, Dela Monet. Now she is on the come-up, so there isn't a rack of pics out there for us, but we got a solid stack to peep this week. Even though some complain that a** and t*ts don't get more exposure here, I would hope that y'all could at least find some dark corner of your parent's basement and find something worthy of posting in here. F*ck it, why do I bother to type, here's what y'all have been waiting for:

Dela MonetDela Monet

Dela MonetDela Monet

Dela MonetDela Monet

Bonus Video, Doggies:

5. "STFU" Honors

LMFAO! D*mn, sometimes it's even hard for me to begin this section doggies b/c I know what is going to be said. Easily the most hilarious "Shut The F*ck Up" Honors material of the week but even better is when you take away my bolded font and really look at what these doggies are saying. SMFH. Comparing a Little Weasel to the best pop singer of all-time? Or what about saying rappers need second chances after their careers are completely destroyed, and actually comparing your horrible a** sales today to someone out-selling you. SMFH. Not impressed? Well, then imagine some fat rapper not including the TWO BEST MC'S OF ALL-TIME in their top five list or a lying a** wannabe groupie thinking a rap magazine feature is the equivalent of getting tossed up in a TIME piece. SMFH. Doggies, it's that time. Feast your eyes:

1. Baby

Baby & Lil WayneMichael Jackson

"When Wayne comes home he lifts everybody's spirits, he lifts everybody's value, he lifts the brand, he lifts everything. Wayne is gonna be the biggest artist in music, not just in hip-hop; in music. It's some Michael Jackson sh*t right here goin' on right before our eyes...He's a beast; he went back to that raw rappin'. That n*gga still be impressin' me with his music."

2. Ja Rule

Ja Rule50 Cent

"Yeah, I'm starting to now see people that may have hated on me in the beginning are not rooting for me and want to see me win," Rule explained in an interview. "That to me is big. The best part about it is I'm humbled by it all. I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever. Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in hip-hop, you know? I laugh when I see people say sh*t like, 'Yo, [50 Cent] kilt Rule, but he didn't kill [Rick] Ross.' No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of Teflon Don]. I went platinum with [2004's] R.U.L.E. after I made [2003's] Blood In My Eye. I look at sh*t like that and... I don't know, take it how you want to take it. I was a much bigger selling artist than just platinum so I guess that's why people felt I took a hit. But the music industry was taking a hit at that time, too. You can't really judge it or try to make an issue out of it, or an excuse. It just is what it is."

3. Fat Joe

Fat JoeThe Notorious B.I.G.

"That's a hard question to answer," Joe told DJ Vlad when asked who his top five favorite artists were. "I would say Big Pun, I would say KRS-One, umm, I would say Kanye West. Yeah, I would say Kanye West, umm, it changes every day. I can't really answer that question you told me. I would go with Lil Wayne. That's four. Then I like this combination, Dr. Dre and Snoop [Dogg] combination. If I could put them as one, that would be like, my top five and half. Big and Pac are up there too, a million percent but when you ask somebody who's their top five, they gotta tell you who 'their' top five is. You can't always say Big and Pac. We know they're the greatest, we know they're the best, we know all that. And listen, it changes every day, my favorite rappers of all-time and my favorite rappers now."

4. T.I.

T.I.T.I. (King Uncaged)

"I pushed the album back so I can completely focus my attention to the rollout and release of this film Takers," he said. "I feel it wouldn't be fair to the film or the album if I was splitting my attention span amongst the two, so I hit pause on the album to completely focus my attention to rolling out this here film. And once we prayerfully debut No. 1--25-plus, 20-plus million--then after those bottles have been popped and that celebration [is] underway, I will completely resubmerge myself back into the music, fully on album mode."

5. Kat Stacks

Kat StacksKat Stacks

"When I first made the Internet blog, I regretted it, because everybody stopped talking to me," Stacks revealed in the interview. "But as I got bigger in time, bigger names and muthaf*ckas in the game, they all started getting at me. It just upgraded my career. Now I don't gotta go work. I don't gotta do sh*t. All I gotta do is show up at a [club] and get paid [for appearances] I don't regret it anymore. The first time I did it, I was like, 'D*mn, why the f*ck I did this sh*t? Because I was drunk? Just to embarrass muthaf*ckas?' I didn't expect to get money out of it. Now these muthaf*ckas keep f*ckin' with me, so I'm gonna continue to do Kat Stacks."

^ Just for you Kat:

***D*mn doggies, final weeks of summer, can y'all believe it? F*ck it though, I like that NY cold weather and the hoody's out. Turns out all that rap beef sh*t just died out, with Waka Flocka/Gucci Mane, Rick Ross/Young Jeezy and Nelly/The Mask. LOL. No hot albums out, no blockbuster movies out...nah doggies, "The Lottery" doesn't count, and no more rap b*tches going after Nicki Minaj anymore. Any excuses/reasons? Well, it's dark and h*'ll's hot, so I'm hopping in the pool bathtub doggies. See y'all on Tuesday with that Waka Flocka Flame/LeBron James sh*t! LOL!!!!!!!! -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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