Exclusive: Cash Money Records Scouts Lil Wayne Vid Director For EP Launch

Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne preparing the release of his I Am Not A Human Being EP, SOHH has learned "Roger That" music video director David Rousseau will be lending his helping eye.

Although details are still developing, Rousseau said fans can expect him to do something "big" for the Cash Money Records superstar.

"It's still kinda really being developed," Rousseau told SOHH about a pending role on Wayne's upcoming EP. "Cash Money, they're developing ideas at the time so it's really kinda under wraps right now but I know whatever it ends up being, it's going to be big. But for right now, it's still pretty much under wraps but I know they're definitely trying to come out with something big so I'm gonna be involved. Right now, we're gonna see what happens but it's still really being processed." (SOHH)

Rousseau also explained how he was unfazed at the challenge of not having Wayne's physical presence for visual purposes.

"That's a challenge but any director is gonna be up for that challenge," he added referring to making a music video without Wayne's presence. "So it's basically saying, 'Okay, I have this, now how can I make the best out of this situation?' That challenges you so you have [to use] creativity. So if anything, I think it's good. It's telling you, 'You don't have the artist, so what do you do?' And think about it, what do you do? I think that's a challenging thing but it's a good thing. It's a challenging thing but it's also something to look forward to. I want people to say, 'Oh sh*t, this is what they did with it. They didn't have Wayne and they still did this.' I think if you're creative, you can get away with it." (SOHH)

Young Money's Drake is currently attached to Wayne's EP.

"I'm on it," Drake said in an interview. "It's gonna transfer over to whatever he does. They're waiting for that new Wayne. I don't know if people are waiting for that new Drake. Thank Me Later was great -- it was phenomenal things I've never seen, like people lining up. But it might have just been the moment -- that's yet to be proven. But Wayne is just a proven artist. There's no doubt in my mind that people are waiting for that I'm Not a Human Being, that Carter IV, that Wayne and Drake album. All that!" (MTV)

According to Wayne's co-manager and Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant, the EP will hit stores in late September.

"I'm putting out a [Wayne] album called I'm Not A Human Being and I'll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27...We not about to roll out no three month set up. I'm not even putting it out in stores. We just gonna put it out virally and maybe package it up for Christmas. Give 'em a hard copy later for fan appreciation." (VIBE)

Check out David Roussea's directed "Roger That" music video below:

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