News: Bizzy Bone Bigs Up Cash Money Records, "They Respect The Artist Position & Know How To Market"

Thursday, Aug 19, 2010 5:30PM

Written by Biz Jones

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Bizzy Bone has shared his admiration for Cash Money Records and why Baby's label is one of many he sees as profiting.

From Bizzy's perspective, labels like Cash Money and Young Money are proving more effective than conglomerate major companies.

"Cash Money, Young Money and such labels as this know how to treat a artist," Bizzy said in a statement. "Whether the artist has been in the industry for a decade or brand new to the system. They (Cash Money, Young Money, G Unit etc.) respect the artist position and know how to market and promote a top caliber artist(s). Basically to keep a artist hot: The label has to believe in them and clean them up so they shine like the pristine diamond (10 million + copies) sellers that they've accomplished. Instead these major labels put huge names on the roster for looks and investments. Treating a artist like sh*t but bigging them up towards investors for larger budgets and when its goes down hill the blame is on the artist(s) or group(s). That makes the artist(s) value go down lower and lower and puts forth a black cloud over them that only talent and perseverance can dissipate. Only Lyor Cohen (from my studies and research) truly understands this fact. Labels like Cash Money, Young Money, G-Unit have continuously showed majors THERE IS NO RECESSION!" (All Hip Hop)

Recently Cash Money Records co-founder Baby said having a hard work ethic and ability to spot talent has helped build his brand.

"I look at that sh*t as we went through war and we sustained the weather and we stood in the fog," Baby said in an interview. "Even when muthaf*ckas counted us out, we stood up and we manned up. We did everything we had to, to get where we're at today. I think God gives it to ya when he feels you're ready for it. It took us a long time; we had to go through a lot of changes. A lot of obstacles, losses, gains. I just think right now we're so great at this sh*t. We got so many young n*ggas who look at me and Wayne and what we've accomplished. You see the hunger [that] Drake and all the rest of those little n*ggas [have] because they're reaching for those stories. We work like n*ggas who never made a dollar and I think that's impressive to them. That makes them go harder. Those little n*ggas got promising futures." (XXL Mag)

The company has also drawn attention from recently deported rapper Shyne who would like to release an album, The Messiah, via Baby's label this winter.

"I might do that. I'm not sure," Shyne said about possibly releasing an album on Cash Money. "We're still finishing the fine points and negotiating that. Maybe I'll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I've got so much to say, you dig? I don't think I can answer all the questions on one album. So I definitely think we can put out two different albums on the same day at the end of the year, then come back with a third one or another double set six months later. Get all this sh*it off my chest." (MTV)

Last January, Birdman spoke on Cash Money's ability to connect with younger generations.

"We believe in giving a youngster an opportunity to [express] what their vision is," Baby said in an interview. "To corporate, you're just an artist in a box. But when you f*ck with us, you inherit a family. Corporate will never be able to f*ck with us, because we're in touch with the young world...I want to do more in the business than anyone ever did. I feel like people died for our success...Nobody else deserves this." (Miami New Times)

Check out Baby talking about Cash Money Records down below:

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