Guest Star: "A Mature 18 Year-Old Would Be Cool As Long As He Never Showed Me His ID" -Model Marisa Elise

Friday, Aug 6, 2010 11:00AM

Written by Marisa Elise for SOHH

[Model Marisa Elise lets all the college studs know what it takes to impress her this school year.]

When it comes to college guys, I'm a sucker for a great sense of humor, so you have to be witty and be yourself and you'll catch my eye. I don't focus so much on the outter can always be changed. However I do like a man who can dress well, so I guess I'm leaning towards your typical "grown and sexy" guys.

Even though some college guys may be mature, I can't date anyone under 21. It's just a personal thing for me and even 21 is pushing it. An 18 year-old who was mature would be cool as long as he never showed me his ID.

When it comes to things that a guy has to have, I guess being up on technology is a good thing but it's not necessarily a deal breaker for me. I personally know a millionaire who still has a Motorola Razor...seriously. But it would be cool for them to have a we can use BlackBerry Messenger. : )

If you need to know what things are immediate no-no's, just remember don't be too aggressive and too cocky. I like men with self-esteem and confidence but don't come on too strong. Understated confidence is the best way to go.

At the end of the day, the number one important reason you are in college is to learn. So being the class clown and Mr. Popularity isn't going to get you a degree. I love an educated man so if I see someone using their opportunity that's a turn-on.

If you saw me on-campus and wanted to get my attention, make me laugh, and I will usually keep talking to you. So if you've got a smooth pick up it!

Marisa Elise is a supermodel who has already graced the pages of Black Men, Urban Ink, Girls of LowRider, SHOW x2, SOURCE and more.

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