News: 50 Cent's "F*ck You" Freestyle Was Flattering, Cee-Lo Says

Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010 11:03PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After 50 Cent's "F*ck You" freestyle hit the Internet last weekend, the song's originator Cee-Lo Green has come out to share his post-release reaction.

Impressed by Fif's turnaround time with adding his own verses to the original, Cee-Lo said he was flattered by the G-Unit leader's remix.

With "F--- You" continuing to gain speed online, Cee Lo and his team are scrambling to keep up. The dancing-words clip that's racked up 1.7 million YouTube plays so far is just a place-holder, he says; a proper video is coming soon, but the singer coyly refuses to divulge any details about it. He's also recorded a profanity-free radio edit to help the song's chances of getting on the air. "It's called 'Forget You,'" he says. "It's pretty close to the original, but not as effective. But it's politically correct." And while he had no part in creating 50 Cent's witty remix, Cee Lo is a fan. "It was flattering that he would take the liberty of joining in so quickly," he says. "I thought it was really cool." (Entertainment Weekly)

Co-creator Bruno Mars recently talked about putting the song together.

"We wrote a song and it's not for radio, obviously, with the title. We're probably gonna have to work on that. But it was a dream session come true; that was the ideal collaboration. Everyone was just putting their minds together and [we came] up with one of our favorite tracks we've ever done." (MTV)

50's freestyle hit the Internet over the weekend.

A few days after Cee-Lo heated up the Internet with the release of his new single"F**k You," rapper 50 Cent puts his own spin on the feel-good jam. Though the remix leaves most of the original intact, Fifty adds a female-targeting verse at the beginning of the track, throwing in a few jabs at jealous dudes who act salty about him swimming in women. (Rap-Up)

Following its release, rapper Rick Ross also applauded 50's bars on the track.

"That 50cent ft. Cee-Lo-f*ck you iz hott...TiNg!!!," Ross tweeted. Rozay tweeted the message above then deleted it. That's as corny as once being a correctional officer then saying you weren't." (Your Audio Fix)

Check out 50 Cent's "F*ck You" remix below:

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