Guest Star: "When Dave Chappelle Went Through That Comedy Central Thing, He Had To Evolve" -JB Smoove

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010 6:28PM

Written by SOHH for JB Smoove

Dealing with something like the Dave Chappelle thing, we as comedians, we evolve, constantly. Constantly we evolve from who we started out as to who we end up being later on. I've evolved so many times, man. Everything from my style of dress, my physical act on stage, you start to take on different things.

As your mind and material grows you can easily become someone else. And then you have a different take, a different view on everything. People would say that about KRS-One, he's a philosopher but he always had different takes on different things depending on what area we were in. Back in the days, he had a different view on things and now he has a different perspective on other things. I think comedy goes through the same thing, we evolve, rappers evolve. They start off a certain way and their mind opens up and they become different people as they evolve.

I think we, as comics, have to evolve and keep up with the times. So for us and with Dave, when Dave with through that whole Comedy Central thing, I think he had to evolve. I think he did evolve and he ended up somewhere else that he didn't want to be at. But a lot of comics like myself, man, I'm different.

I'm a comic that's pretty satisfied with the phones ringing with a steady flow of shows, steady flow of movies, steady flow of stuff. Some comics, they have bigger opportunities like the "Chappelle's Show." The show was huge at that time, all that money and it makes you have to step back sometimes and release yourself and look at yourself and say, "Is this where I want to be as a comic? Is this who I am right now?"

I think we evolve and Dave for that time and period evolved. He wanted something different for himself, for his family and his career. Everything plays a big part in it man. It's just the evolution of a comedian.

JB Smoove is a veteran stand-up comedian who has worked on "SNL," "Everybody Hates Chris," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with roles in films Pootie Tang, Mr. Deeds, Date Night and more. He hosts "Comedy Central Presents: Stand-Up at The El-Rey"."

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