News: Swizz Beatz Slams Wedding Rumors, "It's Not This Weekend!"

Thursday, Jul 22, 2010 5:45PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Producer Swizz Beatz has addressed recent rumors that he and singer Alicia Keys will be getting married this weekend.

The producer said a wedding is still being planned for later down the road.

"Well its not this weekend!" Swizz Beatz says. "But you know, were excited. Our union is amazing. Our union is pure. Our union is positive no matter what people say or what people think, time will tell everything and you know, silence is the best thing. We just keep it private and we do our thing and just have fun with it." (OK Magazine)

Beatz also addressed the popularity of rumor mills being spun around their relationship.

Shooting down online reports of a lavish ceremony to be held on a yacht, the rapper says, "People are very creative [with gossip], but it's cool. We have fun with this stuff. [The rumors are that] we're taking a boat to do this and we're like, 'Man, who's paying for that?' " he jokes. (PEOPLE)

Initial rumors suggested that a wedding would take place in the Caribbean.

Singer Alicia Keys is planning to walk down the aisle with rapper-producer fiance Swizz Beatz this weekend. According to the sources, the couple, who is expecting their first child together, are planning to hold their wedding on a 200 feet yacht. "We're being picked up in Miami and then we're going to the Caribbean. I don't know exactly where, but it's very exciting," said an insider. Among the guests expected to attend the wedding are Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles and Oprah Winfrey. (ND TV)

Aside from their romance, Beatz recently talked about working in the studio with Keys.

"When we in the studio, we work on a lot of things that ain't planned," Beatz revealed in an interview. W"e was just in the studio vibing on some stuff for her album, vibing on some stuff for my album. We might use it, we might not use it. Anytime we in the studio, it's just musical genius, minds connecting on another level, which is always cool. I got a joint [that] she played on for my album with John Legend called 'I'm a Star.' It's stupid. John Legend killed the joint. The album is gonna be stupid. I got so many titles. I think I'm gonna let Twitter pick the title [of the album] for me. I'm having fun with the fans, getting them involved." (MTV)

Check out some past footage of Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys down below:

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