News: SOHH What's Up: Triple C's Gunplay, Capone, Nu Jerzey Devil On The Check-In

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010 12:20PM

Written by SOHH

Every day, SOHH is checking in on your favorite artists, athletes and entertainment personalities! Today, Nu Jerzey Devil, CNN's Capone and Nu Jerzey Devil tell "SOHH, What's Up."

Nu Jerzey Devil @ 10:24 AM EST

Nu Jerzey Devil

@sohhdotcom Man I've been all over the place lately. Today I'm just gonna finish up a few songs & get ready for this Cali trip this weekend

CNN's Capone @ 11:28 AM EST


@sohhdotcom just got my wake & bake on ya dig!!! War report 2 out now let's get out and support my people!!! Salute!!

Triple C's Gunplay @ 12:21 PM EST


RT @sohhdotcom: @GUNPLAYDONLOGAN LOL! Oh no! PO? : / SOHH What's Up? (Be featured on SOHH by telling us what you're doing today!) *1monthleft

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