Guest Star: "Nicki Minaj's Not Nearly At The Level Of Fame & Buzz That Drake's At" -Toure

Monday, Jul 19, 2010 5:10PM

Written by SOHH for Toure

Drake is a great artist and he has really made himself known as an emcee that can also sing. But I feel that Thank Me Later did not come out as good as some of the mixtapes he has put out in the past.

I think Drake has a lot of talent and I think his album is not as good as his talent when you really listen to Thank Me Later. But we've seen that a lot in hip-hop. If you look at Method Man and Busta Rhymes, they are two people who are more talented than most, not all, but most of their albums have displayed. I'm looking forward to Drake's second album just the same way I'm looking forward to Kid Cudi's second album, another guy that I think is more talented than his first album showed.

I think Drake and Nicki Minaj are in very different situations. Drake has had several big mixtapes, it's been over a year and everybody has been paying attention to him and wondering what's going on and when's his debut is gonna come out. He had buzz and attention and sort of energy around him like a regular artist like an artist who's on their first album or even their second album before Thank Me Later even came out.

Nicki Minaj, I think, is still a baby artist. She still hasn't had her first album. Has she had any videos to herself? Maybe one. She was in the video with Amber Rose but one video, a couple mixtapes but nothing huge. Drake had a couple songs blowing up on the radio. "Best I Ever Had" was one of the biggest songs last year. Nicki hasn't had that. She's been on other people's songs but she's not nearly, to me, the level of fame, and buzz and energy that Drake is at.

To me, it's different situations. I've seen a lot of Drake, heard a lot of mixtapes, really liked what I heard on the mixtapes, not loving most of Thank Me Later, although there's four or five songs that I really like a lot so I'm looking forward to what Drake has next. To me, with Nicki Minaj, I don't have enough information to really evaluate her yet. We've seen a little bit but who are you? I'm not sure yet. That's not a dis in any way, it's just saying that the jury is still deliberating. Who are you? I don't know.

Toure is an American novelist, music journalist, cultural critic, and television personality based in New York City. He is a contributor to MSNBC's the Dylan Ratigan Show and the host of the Hip Hop Shop and On the Record on Fuse TV.

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