News: Kanye West Gave Soulja Boy Stamp Of Approval, "He Said My Sh*t Was Dope"

Wednesday, Jul 7, 2010 11:05AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Teen rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently opened up about working with Kanye West in the studio and revealed some of the constructive criticism he received from the Grammy-winning rap star.

Soulja Boy also said he locked in studio time and received advice from Jamie Foxx.

"When I was in the studio with Kanye, when I was in the studio with Jamie Foxx--I'd just spit a verse and say, 'Yo, what you really think about that? Give me you honest opinion.' After I got that, I really found out that my sh*t hot, and people are not saying it just to say it. They really think it's dope....Kanye said my sh*t was dope, man. I played him my second single, it's called 'Speakers Going Hammer.' [Interscope Records CEO] Jimmy Iovine loves this record. He plays this record every day. So I played it for [Kanye] and he said, 'Those were some dope f*ckin' verses.' I said, 'OK, that's all I needed. [Laughs] I got the stamp.' (VIBE)

Soulja Boy recently revealed West's involvement on his upcoming Dre album.

"Three [beats]," Soulja Boy told radio host Tim Westwood regarding their completed tracks. "They sounding awesome. This album, I'm mostly doing it myself but I got a lot of producers that I'm working with. I'm working with a lot of artists, like even on Twitter. I'll send out blasts like 'Send me beats.' I got a producer called Super Sed in the 'A' that did 'Pronto,' he did 'Pronto' for Snoop Dogg..." (Tim Westwood TV)

Last January, the rapper released a video announcement regarding his album's completion.

"[I'm] in the studio, recording my new album, I should be finished with it in like two weeks," Soulja Boy said in a video recording. "My first single should be hitting the radio. Make sure y'all request that 'Pronto,' me and Snoop [Dogg], request that 'Bingo' [with] me and Gucci [Mane]...and my first single is coming in two weeks. So be on the look out for that...It's 2010, I got signed in 2007, so it's three years now, officially, my third album finna drop. Everybody who ever bought any of my music, everybody that ever bought any of my albums, appreciate it. And we about to get ready to do it again. And I'm also headlining my own tour this year, 2010." (Soulja Boy Video)

Soulja Boy associate DJ Woogie recently praised the rapper's new LP.

"It's gonna be 'legendary,'" Woogie said in an interview. "He has a lot of hot records on there [like this song] called 'Making The Cut' that is on the album. You know, Soulja Boy has grown since the time he did 'Crank Dat' to now...He's grown a lot. He's learned a lot more about the rap game and [has] said that himself in some of his raps. He said that he learned more, and people thought he was wack. He became more versatile, and look at him now. Everybody wants a favor; everybody wants a freestyle, or a feature. People used to sleep on the kid, now everybody is on 'em more or less to say!" (All Hip Hop)

Soulja Boy's Dre album is set to drop summer 2010.

Check out some recent Soulja Boy Tell Em footage down below:

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