Guest Star: "I Wasn't Even Mad About Mel Gibson Saying 'N*gger', It Was 'The Pack'" -Ras Kass

Monday, Jul 19, 2010 11:29AM

Written by SOHH for Ras Kass

As a kid, I felt Lethal Weapon and Mel Gibson seemed like he was always a cool dude. But then, I figured out pretty much by the time you grow up, if somebody doesn't like Jews or says "F*ck the Jews," then don't expect them to say, "I hate f*cking Jews but black guys are cool."

He's on some white power sh*t. I haven't been feeling Mel for a long time. No homo. No homo. What happened was we were in the studio and I had heard about his racist statement earlier in the day, like at night time and it was probably in the evening, maybe five. One of my guys at Interscope was on his laptop while we were in the studio working on some other sh*t and he's like, "Yo, this sh*t is crazy! This Mel Gibson sh*t is f*cking crazy!" And I said, "I heard about it but what the f*ck is going on?" So he just played the sh*t from the top and n*ggas just started laughing with the "pack of n*ggers" sh*t.

I was like, "Hold up." I'm not even mad about the n*gger part, I was like, "the pack?" Like, what the f*ck? Like, we're wolves in f*cking Twilight. This n*gga's a cold n*gga for the pack part. So we're laughing and we're like, "That's a song!" This n*gga is funny.

It really wasn't nothing planned out. I heard the sh*t and my brain started already triggering what I was gonna use, like the parts that were funny to me. And then we start thinking, "Well basically he's just mad because she be showing her sh*t off." So the whole flip on it was, "Why You Be Dressing Like That" is what a n*gga would say, or a pack of n*ggas. "Why you be dressing like that?" It was some intentionally ignorant sh*t from some intentionally ignorant a** n*ggas.

So it was just some fun sh*t but instead of doing it hip-hop I wanted to kinda party, make it a party record, doing some dance sh*t as opposed to spitting out because it's not like I'm screaming on the n*gga like "I'm gonna kill you Mel! F*ck you!" It's more like I'm goofing with the n*gga like, you're funny my n*gga. So we just flipped it on that and we were looking for a good hearted thing. It's kinda f*cked up but we made it a joke so we can laugh at the n*gga.

It was nothing really planned out but it's cool that people like it. That sh*t's funny. People always think I'm some militant n*gga with a black fist up all day and it was cool that for a lot of people that have not heard of me or those who haven't heard me in a long time got to hear something light hearted and on some funny sh*t and pay attention to the project that I'm doing. It was really accidental. It wasn't a masterpiece record, it was a fun record.

Ras Kass is a West Coast rap veteran with nearly two decades of music to his name. He is currently making a buzz off his Mel Gibson-sampled "Why You Be Dressing Like That" single and will release his two-disc A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Spittin') album on Tuesday, July 20th.

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