Guest Star: "I Can't Even Get A RushCard Credit Card But I'm Hosting Russell Simmons' Show" -JB Smoove

Sunday, Jul 11, 2010 2:23PM

Written by SOHH for JB Smoove

It's all about building industry relationships. I met Russell Simmons when I did Def Comedy Jam and I was on the first season of Def Comedy Jam when Martin Lawrence hosted the show. So for me, it's all about building relationships and Russell has always been a big fan of my stuff. He told me a long time ago we're gonna do some stuff and we're going to do something one day and years later we end up reconnecting and we've been trying to do something for a while.

He told me he had this "El Rey" show coming out and said, "I want you to host it," and I said cool man. That's crazy that after all these years we finally get a chance to work together and I've been turned down four times for the RushCard. I can't even get a RushCard credit card but I'm hosting your show. This is amazing man.

I was actually there during the process of them choosing out the show's comics and I even hosted one or two of the showcases but they chose wisely and they went with diversity. They went with who is funny and it's a nice bunch of comics you're going to see. Truth be told, this is going to be something else and I'm just the captain of the ship, I'm just hosting but they wanted a host that could take it there, have a good time and they wanted some comics, some diversity and it's great.

It was kind of throwback for me because I know where these comics are with me being a young comic back in '92 when Def Comedy Jam was coming out so I know exactly where they were and it's like, "Wow, I've been there," going on stage like how I went on stage for Def Comedy Jam. But this Comedy Central version is still edgy, still has the blueprint for fresh, new talent and Russell is the guy who's always been the forefront of that, going on to the next big thing. Whether it's stand-up, whether it's poetry or whatever. He's always been on the cover of great things and evolving comedy and poetry and this is really an amazing show.

JB Smoove is a veteran stand-up comedian who has worked on "SNL," "Everybody Hates Chris," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with roles in films Pootie Tang, Mr. Deeds, Date Night and more. He hosts tonight's premiere of "Comedy Central Presents: Stand-Up at The El-Rey" which airs at 11 P.M. EST

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