News: Foxy Brown "Appalled" By Exposed Buttocks Reports In NYC Assault Case

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010 11:39PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper Foxy Brown has stepped forward to discuss her highly publicized New York assault case and deny any wrongdoing which could land her behind bars.

Foxy has given her version of what allegedly took place earlier this month.

"I was on my way to rehearsal with my band and I was leaving my mom's house in Park Slope, [Brooklyn], where I always go; that's the home that I was born in," she said. "And the police came and they saw the situation and there wasn't any conflict or discord -- they were really baffled. But a supervisor came and saw the [potential for] publicity. If my name was Keisha Brown and not Foxy Brown, I would have been let go." Brown denied the information that reportedly was included in the police filing, including the claim that the rapper exposed her buttocks to Raymond. "I'm just appalled by that statement alone," Foxy said. (MTV)

Now represented by attorney Salvator E. Strazzullo, Brown's previous legal defense reportedly dropped her as a client earlier this week.

The rapper who has recently had very public run-ins with the law, faced even more problems this morning as her attorney dropped her as a client. The New York Post reported that Bruce Barron Associates withdrew their services right before Ms. Brown was scheduled to make a court appearance this morning. Sources did not explain the sudden drop. (CD Insight)

At her court appearance yesterday, Brown's camp accused victim Arlene Raymond of being a stalker.

Foxy Brown asked a Brooklyn judge for a protection order today against a neighbor after a sidewalk showdown with the woman landed the raunchy rapper in jail. But Judge Geraldine Picketthad a better idea: "Walk the other direction." Picket, instead, extended the order of protection already in place against Brown who was arrested last week after she allegedly mooned neighbor Arlene Raymond during a profanity-filled tirade outside her Brooklyn home. "She's a stalker," said Brown's manager, Bernadette Brennan, of Raymond. "Foxy just lives her life." (New York Post)

Details on what allegedly took place hit the Internet last week.

Foxy's camp says she was minding her own business and "has never been more focused," but victim Arlene Raymond claims the rapper called her a "dirty b*tch" and then pulled up her skirt and mooned her while yelling "kiss my a**"! What does Foxy's lawyer have to say about that? "Foxy [pictured] would never lift her dress, not in a million years." It's true, only classy ladies get charged with Class E felonies. (Gothamist)

Check out a recent Foxy Brown interview below:

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