News: Fabolous' "There Is No Competition" EP Tracklisting Revealed

Friday, Jul 16, 2010 5:28PM

Written by Rosario Harper

The tracklisting for Fabolous' upcoming The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2 EP has been released and shows only eight featured songs.

Featured on the project will be Dipset's Cam'ron and Vado.

1. "Lights Out (I Don't See Nobody)" 2. "Girl You Be Killin' 'Em" 3. "I'm Raw" 4. "Body Ya" 5. "Body Count" 6. "Tonight" feat. Red Cafe and Lorel 7. "The Wake" 8. "Body Bag" feat. Cam'ron and Vado (Rap-Up)

The original mixtape, released in March, featured 20 tracks.

01. The Wake 02. I'm Raw 03. Body Ya 04. Hard Feat. Kobe, Paul Cain & LA The Darkman 05. Oh Let's Do It 06. Suicide 2 Feat. Paul Cain & Freck Billionaire 07. It's Goin' Down Feat. Freck Billionaire 08. Roger That Feat. Freck Billionaire 09. Love Come Down 10. Popular Demand Feat. Paul Cain 11. Mr. R.I.P 12. Body Bag Feat. Cam'ron & Vado 13. Beamer, Benz, or Bentley Feat. Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana 14. For The Money Feat. Nicki Minaj 15. Tonight Feat. Red Cafe 16. All The Way Turnt Up Feat. Trey Songz 17. Say Somethin' N*gga 18. Funeral Service Music Feat. Kobe, Paul Cain, Red Cafe & Willie The Kid 19. Bring Death To Em' 20. Exhibit F (There Is No Competition 2)

Fab believes his mixtape has won the right to be called a classic.

"It's really incredible how people will connect with the work," Fab said. "I think we put a lot of work into it, with the whole funeral theme. We didn't just say it and you had to daydream it. We went into the funeral homes. We picked caskets out for the competition.Def Jam, this summer, is gonna put the mixtape out as an EP. So I did about four new songs, put 'em with some of the original joints from the mixtape. We got more viral videos coming. We just gonna keep it going and let it end as the classic it is. A lot of people saying it's a classic, one of the, if not the best mixtape of 2010. It's crazy to me, because it started out as something I wanted to give free to the fans and people who accept my work. Def Jam even came in and said, 'Whoa, we gotta get a piece.' It's a good thing, man." (MTV)

Earlier this month, Fab broke the news of his free mixtape being put in stores by Def Jam.

"Def Jam decided to put out TiNc2 the Funeral Service mixtape as a EP in August... So im in the studio workin on a few new songs...," he revealed Thursday (July 1). (Fabolous' Twitter)

Fabolous' There Is No Competition 2 EP drops Tuesday, August 24th.

Check out Fabolous talking about his mixtape down below:

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