News: Diddy Clears Air On Rick Ross/Notorious B.I.G. Comparisons, "He's A One Of Motherf*cking One" [Video]

Monday, Jul 5, 2010 9:57AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap mogul Diddy recently addressed his public praises of Rick Ross and said there could never be another Notorious B.I.G.

Speaking to fans at a recent Atlantic City concert alongside Ross, Diddy talked about co-signing Ross for his own unique talent.

"Check this out, there can only be one motherf*cking B.I.G.," Diddy told a crowd of fans. "Nobody can ever be compared to B.I.G. He's a one of motherf*cking one. You think I'm f*cking crazy and gonna compare somebody to B.I.G. This is my motherf*cking n*gga Rozay. He's a one of one. His name is Ricky Rozay. I'm from New York, he's from Miami and we're coming here to take over the motherf*cking game." (Real Talk NY)

Unaware of Diddy's Ross comparison earlier this year, Fat Joe recently gave his thoughts on the Southern rapper.

"He said that? I don't know man. Diddy's a smart guy and Rick Ross is smart guy, but I don't think Ross wants to be Biggie. He can't be Biggie. There's no replacing Notorious. No disrespect to Ross's talent though, because I think he's one of the nicest rappers in the game. But they always compare new artists to the greats. I understand Diddy though, because I knew Biggie very well and I know Ross. They both are kind hearts and they have a similar aura and demeanor about them. They're similar in that way." (VIBE)

Recently, Tony Yayo said no emcee could ever replace the late Biggie Smalls.

"I feel like when a n*gga gets to Forbes, a lot of sh*t he says is not wrong," Yayo said about Diddy. "50, Jay, Diddy, I got respect for all three of them because once you make it to Forbes, you're solidified. They were comparing 50 to Tupac during the time Get Rich or Die Tryin' came out and he said 'It's an honor -- but I could never walk in that man's shoes.' Rick Ross could never, never walk in Biggie Smalls' shoes and it's no disrespect to Diddy. Biggie is my favorite rapper, hands down. When I heard that, I got kinda appalled." (Forbez DVD)

In January, Puff described how Ross resembled his late Bad Boy artist.

"Oh y'all ain't hear the second verse," Diddy said about Ross' 'Angels' collaboration. "Yo, y'all gonna peep that when we world premiere that. I don't know, I guess him and Biggie locked up in the room, even my man D Roc even said that. For my man D Roc to say that and co-sign it like 'Yo, my man right there sounding like our homie.' That right there is something special. That's a mean co-sign, that's a mean co-sign. I don't know what was going on in the studio, the spirits were connecting but it's official. It ain't bootleg, it ain't got no preservatives in it." (Spliff TV)

Check out Diddy & Rick Ross below:

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