News: Yukmouth On Hip-Hop Conflicts, "I Don't Believe Beef Until Some Real Sh*t Happens"

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2010 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Yukmouth recently shared his thoughts on the rise in the number of rap beefs since 50 Cent's 2002 dispute with Ja Rule.

From Yuk's perspective, most rap beefs are fabricated and created just to gain a buzz.

"All that sh*t is for marketing," Yuk said in an interview. "They taking a chapter out of 50 Cent's book 'cause that's how he blew up. Him and Ja Rule had a real beef from the streets and he came at a time for the gangsta sh*t but that don't mean it will work for everybody. 50 had a machine behind him. Interscope and Dr. Dre are monster machines. He could have said anything and it would have worked but he came with heat and it took off. If you're not 50 and don't got that machine then don't try it. Hip-hop came from competition and thinking they the best and that's okay. If it's real sh*t then handle it in the street and talk it out or box. That's how real beef is handled. All that Twitter and FaceBook and UStream bang -- actions speak louder than words. I don't believe beef until some real sh*t happens. All that sh*t is publicity." (XXL Mag)

Ja Rule recently said his past beef with 50 Cent was related to a physical altercation.

"I think the beef sh*t is wack," Rule revealed in an interview. "My beef was different, it was real. Physical altercations, all that. A lot of these beefs today, are just publicity stunts for artists to try to sell records. They try to further their careers or whatever, doing so by creating conflict with other artists who are creating a buzz. I think it's watered down hip-hop. Even though hip-hop was founded on the battle, it came from that. It's still, with how far hip-hop has come, the beef records take away from the talent and the creative process of it all. I just think all the beef records and that sh*t is wack." (Dubcnn)

Last year, Murder Inc. associate Cadillac Tah said 50 admired Rule during their 2002 beef.

"I guess [his plan] was for him to try to Tupac it, Tupac and Biggie," Tah explained in an interview. "Find a target, go after the target to make people look at him. That's kinda always been his little strategy even when he made the song 'How to Rob.' He did that so everybody would switch the attention to him, it wasn't like that was a bad plan. It worked, so if it worked it means it was a good plan. I was just not advising him to do that -- He played a ill strategic game. He threw Ja off of his grind and jumped on Ja's sh*t. He always wanted what Ja had, I mean that kinda fame, how Ja was killing 'em on the radio songs every five minutes...He came in the game with 'What up blood, what up cuz,' and then it's 'I wanna take you to the candy shop,' and he would start singing a whole lot. It's the same sh*t you had my n*gga on the Summer Jam screen about, making fun of that -- and you d*mn near made a whole singing album like that." (Ms Drama TV)

Rule also said his rap war against 50 was unfair due to the G-Unit leader's alleged association with police.

"I went at 50 too, I don't think n*ggas think about that either," Rule said in an interview earlier this summer. "I went at that n*gga hard too. 50 done had a beef with a gang of n*ggas. Even the first record he made I think was 'How 2 Rob,' and I was the only artist that when I seen him, I was like, 'Eh, that ain't funny homie. What's happening.' You feel what I'm saying? Everybody else that seen him, 'Hahahahahaaa,' silly n*ggas. Nah n*gga, ain't no dap, n*gga. It ain't funny. What's happening? And I went at his head. He couldn't f*ck with what we as doing on these streets so he went into a booth and became Superman. And that's how that whole thing transcended and he was talking so much to the police, n*gga couldn't really express his true feelings. He got my n*ggas facing 20 years in jail, my n*gga Supreme is doing life right now. When n*ggas talk all that sh*t, I laugh because they don't know the infrastructure with how it all spiraled to what it is today." (Forbez DVD)

Check out a recent Ja Rule interview below:

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