Guest Star: "When People Chose To Talk About The 3 Minutes Of Lil Wayne, It Ruined My Entire Summer" -Stephen Hill

Friday, Jun 25, 2010 1:00PM

Written by SOHH for Stephen Hill

The Chris Brown and Jay-Z rumors from last year's awards show were so inaccurate that sometimes you just don't respond to it because it's just ludicrous. I can tell you for a fact that Jay-Z had nothing to do with keeping Chris Brown from the show. Only thing that Jay-Z said about Chris Brown was when we joked about the rumor of him keeping Chris from the show.

The media is gonna do that, that's what the media is now. Media tries to find the most negative thing. For me, I'll stand by this in front of anybody. Three days after Michael Jackson's death, we still put on the best tribute to him that's been done so far. There were three and a half hours of that show and there were three minutes that could have made it not the best in the world and that's what everybody focused on because that's what the media is going to do.

The fact that we got so many artists to come, first off, to sing to Michael Jackson and then we got New Edition back together, nobody talked about getting New Edition back together in just three days, nobody talked about that. We had Ne-Yo come on and learn "Lady of My Life" and perform that live, nobody talked about that. Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo at the end of the show doing "I'll Be There," nobody talked about that. Janet Jackson walking out three days after her brother died. If my brother died suddenly, you wouldn't be able to find me for three months but what did they talk about? Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. And that's what shows me there's nothing we can do.

We put on a show that we whole heartedly did and that for three hours and twenty-seven minutes, I will stand behind. Anytime. You think you're prepared for the negative feedback and Michael Jackson was so dear to me, we probably got no sleep from Thursday to Sunday. I probably had about a total of four hours of sleep and at the end of that show, I was really proud of what we did, so when people chose to talk about the three minutes of Lil Wayne, it ruined my entire summer. I was mentally out of it for the entire summer last year. I'm dead serious. You think you're prepared for any kind of small things that they are ultimately going to complain about for a performer, but for that to be the focus, after the job that everybody on BET's team did in three days to put that show up, it changed my mental state for the entire summer.

I took it personally because these shows are personal to me. I love what I get to do and if I could have chosen what I wanted to do as a child, this is it. I get to work with shows and artists that I respect and the fact that Michael Jackson was the biggest one of last year's show got turned around in every department. Marketing, press, we even had new contracts signed, everybody worked so hard to turn it around for the show and the three hours and twenty-seven minutes were just incredible, it took a mental toll on me the entire summer.

Stephen Hill is Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Music Programming for BET (Black Entertainment Television).

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