Guest Star: "We're Always Trying To Go For People W/ Legendary Status" -RESPECT Magazine Editorial Director

Monday, Jun 7, 2010 5:25PM

Written by Kris Ex for SOHH

The point with RESPECT is that we're always trying to go for people that have legendary status on the covers and who have been around, just people who, like, you're gonna look at this magazine 15 years from now and say, "I know who that was."

A lot of other magazines, they feature who's hot at the moment. And you can go back to a Source cover or VIBE cover from four or five years ago and say, "Wow, what happened to that guy?" And we definitely didn't want that. We're always trying to be like, who's these people that are gonna be iconic that are gonna be around for a long time.

And we have the luxury of doing that because we're only coming out four times a year and if we were coming out every month, we probably wouldn't be able to pull that off. It's weird because we have this thing internally where Tupac was an Interscope artist, then we had 50 Cent which is an Interscope artist and now Eminem which is an Interscope artist on the cover and they all kinda have their shirts off and it's sorta like, is this, you know, kinda like a gay Interscope Records magazine? But you know, we're like, Eminem is the best and he was the best fit for our new issue because he has an album coming out at the same time and he was willing to talk to us.

I don't know where we fit in with other magazines. I feel because there's not a frame of reference, I think people may gravitate toward certain comparisons. I think we're a very different magazine because we're photo-driven, period. Everything about us is about the photos. Whereas a magazine like The FADER tries to look beautiful, they're a magazine that tries to look beautiful and then has the written content inside and our content base is just different.

I think if I really have my way, you have magazines like Vogue which kinda determines what is done in fashion. Like Anna Wintour, what she says goes in fashion. You have this thing where fashion designers kinda go toward her and she can make or break a designer. They'll go to her before they even put together some stuff on the runway, get her approval and whatever Vogue gets behind, she determines what's gonna be the look for the season. I would like to be something like that for photographers where we're not necessarily dictating the course of photography but where we can find new and young photographers.

I'm coming across a lot of young, really, really dope photographers, like, "Wow, this kid is taking pictures in LA or Philly and is doing some really amazing stuff." I just want to be able for RESPECT to show off new talent, cover a new photographer and in the next two or so years, they're going out and doing even bigger things.

Kris Ex is the editorial director for RESPECT magazine.

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