News: SOHH What's Up: Rhymefest, Gyant, Skillz, Lil Cease, Kwame On The Check-In

Friday, Jun 11, 2010 3:40PM

Written by SOHH

Every day, SOHH is checking in on your favorite artists, athletes and entertainment personalities! Today, Kwame, Rhymefest, Skillz, Lil Cease and Gyant tell "SOHH, What's Up."

Kwame @ 12:43 PM EST


@sohhdotcom OH I GO IN check it out!

Rhymefest @ 11:17 AM EST


@sohhdotcom SOHH What's up... working on my old school Riviera, selling "El Che"and going to see Karate Kid.

Gyant @ 11:23 AM EST


@sohhdotcom work as always. Y'all know my grind. Gotta keep it moving.. always on to the next one

Lil Cease @ 2:08 PM EST

Lil Cease

@sohhdotcom just came from the gym tho,gettin that #hardbody workout on..let me the peeps @ sohh kno, that new mixtape is comin #hardbody

Skillz @ 2:15 PM EST


@sohhdotcom hittin d studio now, gig n PHL 2mar, goin 2 c karate kid 2nite..gotta support who supports u..we need dat#1 box office dis wknd

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