News: SOHH What's Up: Lloyd, Capone, DJ Scratch, DJ Shabazz & Yukmouth On The Check-In

Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010 2:55PM

Written by SOHH

Every day, SOHH is checking in on your favorite artists, athletes and entertainment personalities! Today, Lloyd, Capone, DJ Scratch, DJ Shabazz and Yukmouth tell "SOHH, What's Up."

Capone @ 7:23 PM EST


@sohhdotcom Let's get it!! Camaflouge Season baby!!

Lloyd @ 11:48 PM EST


@sohhdotcom In the studio with Polow workin on the new album. Been goin hard for about a month now

DJ Scratch @ 9:32 AM EST

DJ Scratch

@sohhdotcom I'm chasing Method Man today to finish his verse on a song with Busta on my album.

Yukmouth @ 1:34 PM EST


@sohhdotcom more INTERVIEWS,more DROPS & more STUDIO TIME...da GRITT dont QUIT!

DJ Shabazz @ 1:39 PM EST

DJ Shabazz

@sohhdotcom Man, grinding, getting the word out on the mixtape.. gonna meet up with my big bruh @bigvon at 106KMEL in san francisco tonight

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