Pulse Report: Lil Kim Tells Nicki Minaj To Kiss The Ring, Eminem Almost Ended Lil Wayne's Career, 50 Cent Still Sh*t Talking

Friday, Jun 11, 2010 1:05PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we're gonna fall back seven days to see what the h*ll is going on with Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj's p*ssy fight, realize that Eminem almost deaded Lil Wayne's career, see your favorite rapper, 5-0 Cent, still talking sh*t and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. P*ssy Fight

Lil Kim is wrong. Nicki Minaj is right........wait for it..........wait for it................LMFAO!!!! Get the f*ck outta here doggies! To anyone who thinks that Nicki Minaj has paid or has paid "enough" homage to the Queen B*tch Lil Kim is not only a f*cking dumb a** doggy, but someone who probably still thinks leaking albums is the sh*t. F*ck outta here. Not only is Kim the main b*tch who made it cool to have real p*ssy power, and not on that Queen Latifah bullsh*t either, but Kim inspired every last thing that represents Minaj. Not trying to sound like Gloria Velez this early on the Pulse Report, but who the f*ck does Drake think....d*mn, let's start from square one:

Ray J took a moment to express his feelings on females in rap, primarily Nicki Minaj. "I'm seeing a lot of Lil Kim imposters," Ray J stated. "I'm not saying no names, but you know who," he continued, referencing biting Kim's style after calling Kim the greatest female rapper ever. Lil Kim added, "We love her. We just want her to pay homage," making an obvious reference to Minaj. "If you don't pay homage then f*ck you," she concluded.

Aight, that sh*t was kinda corny, Kim and Ray Ray. LMFAO. The fact that you would even pop off with "I'm not saying no names." SMFH.....I'll give him a pass just because this doggy is an R&B SINGER, not a RAPPER. LOL. Now the smart thing to do would be ignore what was said, right Nicki? YES. But unfortunately, the problem with not being a solo artist is that you have labelmates who think they should butt in. Right Drake? YES.

"I know you be calling women b*tches in sh*t but I can't say you the baddest b*tch. I can't do that because I respect you, I love you too much and you look too beautiful. So I just wanna say you the baddest WOMAN to do this rap sh*t. I don't give a f*ck what Lil' Kim or nobody else is talkin about, you're the baddest chick to ever do this sh*t! " Nicki turned around laughing, then came back and hugged him. He told her "I love you." Then he left the stage.

Think THAT sh*t was suspect? Try THIS on for size.

"I just feel Lil Kim is a 'G' in the game, I feel like you're part of an era that's classic, that we'll never forget as young kids, me and Nicki, so it's like, you don't have to do that," Drake told television personality DJ Envy. "You don't have to get on stage and announce your presence and tell people to pay homage. That's a given and I watched Nicki pay homage to her time and time again and I just didn't respect it at all and whoever else was on stage with her, I don't respect that. You're just wearing your heart on your sleeve, you're showing that you're upset. And to me, nobody's done that to me yet and you know, but I would never expect Jay or Ye to get on stage and be like, 'Yo, pay homage to me! You need to respect me!' They know, they command my respect. They know their music and talent and that just signs that you're losing it, like, that's just how I felt and I really did take that personally. It bothered me and I really don't get too caught up with the Twitter, Internet stuff, but I did see it and I was like, 'You're supposed to be a 'G' and that just wasn't 'G' to me at all."

^ First off, who the f*ck does Drake think he is? Aight, he's got a sh*tload of co-signs but doggy, NEVER question an icon. Y'all can pop sh*t off about Kim been fallen off or how she will never make another dope a** record, but to straight up say what she did wasn't "G?" Isn't this coming from the same doggy who f*cks with Kanye West, the doggy that got up and trashed Taylor Swift during the MTV Awards? Or Jay-Z who did that Summer Jam sh*t about Prodigy? F*ck outta here Drake, yeah, we might be talking about a couple of bad b*tches but who are you to say what Kim did was G or not? All that time f*cking around with Young Money has your head twisted up like Wayne's dreads. SMFH. And for some entertaining commentary:

"I think she's super dope," Fat Joe said about Minaj. "I think she's sexy, she's doing her thing. She's killing them, fly fashion, she's got it all, you know what I'm saying? It's like, sky's the limit. Yeah, Nicki Minaj needs to pay homage, she needs to say, 'Yo, Kim is dope.' What's wrong with that? 'Yo, Kim is dope, she's the sh*t.' I'm a fan, I've been in the game for f*cking 17 years and I still say KRS-One is my idol. I still say LL Cool J is my idol. It's nothing wrong with saying 'Yo, Kim is the sh*t.' Everybody knows that Lil Kim is the sh*t. She's a real b*tch, a living legend, down with Notorious B.I.G., why wouldn't she big her up?"

And your boy 5-0 Cent? SMFH....

Lil KimNicki Minaj

"I think it's other things irritating Kim outside of Nicki Minaj, just having momentum of new artists doesn't offend artists that have established themselves long before that," Fif said in an interview with radio personality Lady La. "It's obvious that she was inspired by some of Kim's [rhymes], but that's not bad. And it's not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to so you'll see those little influences even stronger and I think she's hot, she's got a good little thing going on right now as far as Nicki Minaj is concerned."

^ Aight doggies, here is how the sh*t gets broken down, once and for all. Lil Kim deserves to be paid homage, period. Nicki did it in the past? Nicki isn't biting her style? STOP IT. We all know d*mn well that Nicki has been vague, AT BEST, with giving Kim the props she deserves. The fact that Nicki won't even acknowledge Kim and say, "F*ck it, you know what, I'm the new Lil Kim" is not only a joke but a F*CKING JOKE. You can play high and mighty all you want, Nicki, but besides not even having entertaining interview presence let alone the ability to dance, SMFH, your whole career is a joke. The fact that girls think getting their boobs signed by you is like having some extraordinary power is hilarious at best. Give it up, you lost, Kim won. LOL. And just for the record:

Oh, and one more thing:

Lil-Kim-2010-06-10-300x300.jpgNicki Minaj Nasty

2. Number One With A Bullet

Eminem. Eminem. Eminem. That's the end of the post right there, if you think Eminem could ever be out-battled then you either must have never seen 8 Mile or you only listened to those corny a** D12 records b/c the sh*t Eminem says in a rap record is f*cking insane. Which brings me to my next point, this doggy is d*mn near reaching 40 years-old, what up Jay, and he's reached a point in his life where he just keeps sh*t real and legit. Yeah, I read that interview SOHH did with the RESPECT doggy speaking about Em maturing, but the fact that he admitted to almost ending Lil Wayne and Kanye West's careers is amazing, sh*t, it's f*cking unbelievable. Let's get this sh*t cracked off real quick.

"Hatred was flowing through my veins, on the verge of going insane, I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne. It's like I was jealous of him because of the attention he was getting, I felt horrible about myself. He was spittin' and I wasn't. Anyone who was buzzin back then could of got it, almost went at Kanye too. God it feels like I'm going psychotic. Thank god that I didn't do it, I would of had my a** handed to me. And I knew it, but Proof isn't here to see me through it...."

^ Don't take that "I woulda had my a** handed to me" bar too serious, LMFAO. Em is being modest at best. Yeah doggies, there you have it, not from a f*cking rumor mill or the biggest gossip site in the game right now, but here you have Eminem actually admitting to coming close to f*cking around and beefing with Lil Weasel. Without saying anything else, it's dead a** simple to know that there is NO WAY that Wayne could f*ck with Em on any given day, f*ck a Pacino. Em is a lyrical monster and if you don't believe it, here's a few reminders:

When y'all think about it, who or what has Lil Wayne ever been able to battle? Seriously. Best excuse he had for kissing Baby was that "Black Mafia" bullsh*t, and to think that Wayne could actually spit, bar-for-bar against Em? Especially if Em was drugged up when he was making his hardest sh*t? Maybe i'm thinking too much into it, but the fact that Em has never officially lost an MC battle or been clowned by a rapper or celebrity just goes to show that he can't be taken down. Em is a f*cking monster and his track record shows it........oh, and if y'all haven't heard that Em freestyle on the last video then stop reading...NOW.

EminemLil Wayne

Fact of the matter is Wayne is only good for doing a subliminal diss AT BEST, otherwise he'll let sh*t that's been said about him from ex-Cash Money artist, 5-0 Cent, The Clipse, Snoop Dogg and more just go over his head. Yo Em, you would have murdered this doggy. Especially when there's footage like this floating on the Internet:

Lil Wayne doggies, we're waiting in the COMMENTS section for you to address that sh*t...IMMEDIATELY. SMFH.......

3. Some Things Will Never Change

I guess y'all might be right, until 5-0 Cent gracefully bows out of this rap sh*t, which he has grown accustomed to proving he will never do, I guess there will always be a spot in the Pulse Report for him to get aired the f*ck out. Now here's my "latest" issue with 5-0, well sh*t, this seems to be the habitual trait with him...SH*T TALKING. You ever notice that there's not a fine line between someone like Kanye West and Jay-Z sh*t talking as compared to a 5-0 Cent or a Curtis Jackson? Seems like Ye and Jay have earned the right to kinda "show & prove" with what they do while 5-0 can "show and fail." Sh*tty a** comparison, but it's the truth. 5-0 has YET to find success since the past few years. But this past seven days, the amount of sh*t he has decided to talk after coming off that cancer-looking role, has me wondering, WTF is wrong with him? Calling out Diddy when he's gotten more radio spins than any of your sh*tty sh*t, 5-0?

"That's desperation [for Diddy] on his part because his music sucks right now. It's the truth. It's bad, so he's gotta try and stay next to something else that has some momentum for him to be all right -- from a business perspective, it seems like a cool move but not a cool move for hip-hop."

^ SMFH...wait, this is coming from the same doggy that has done TECHNO records and is making an album called Black Magic? SMFH. But the bullsh*t doesn't stop there, doggies, he decides to "politely" diss Jay and Wayne. SMFH.

50 CentJay-Z

"A lot of things in music/entertainment are recycled. It's gonna sound like a diss, but it's no disrespect that you would see Lil Wayne wear a little black vest and that hat. I saw Cyndi Lauper wearing that; it was [just] on a different artist. And even the glasses that Jay-Z had on, that is Frank Sinatra. These are all iconic pieces coming back."

^ Say what you want, but if ANY other rapper had made the same remark, I wouldn't think twice, but after all the sh*t we've seen and heard from 5-0 in his career, that might turn out to be his new way of beefing, saying he's NOT and then name dropping. D*mn, the Game has changed, huh?

50 CentRick Ross

"I never had a conversation with [Rick Ross]. My focus shifted during that record. A lot of times, earlier in my career, I was competing with artists because that was what I loved about hip-hop: The idea that battling someone was necessary to defend your spot and you had to take on all challengers -- so I did that constantly. No one thinks that way now and everyone looks at me like I'm the Broad Street Bully. The younger kids coming up missed that time frame, and even the conscious rap is gone too. The stuff that Common Sense and Talib Kweli and Mos Def were rhyming about. What was socially conscious and responsible about the music has been replaced by hipster kids in skinny jeans and mohawks. Of course, that's always been around, but it was usually confined to the Village. Artists have always had the opportunity to influence the culture, but now it's the other way around: They're trying to look like their audience to attract their audience. Now you can't tell the difference between a Led Zeppelin fan and a hip-hop fan."

^ SMFH....his decision to defend himself was a symbol of his admiration for hip-hop? SMFH. Then how come he didn't go at Shyne a few months ago? Ohhhh, that's right, it wasn't good enough, but in the past, 5-0 would have taken ANY opportunity to beef with someone.....even Lil Wayne even though Weasel wasn't thinking about him around 2007. SMFH. This rap sh*t is funny and it's really getting to a point where you gotta wonder when 5-0 will just stop the sh*t talk and not lie. We know Lloyd Banks' career is coming to an end. We know that Tony Yayo's best role is as a hype man and road buddy for 5-0. We know that Sha Money XL is the only one still profiting off the G-Unit name......on his resume, "G-Unit Records Active 2002-2005" SMFH. Give it up, 5-0.

4. Big Chips

F*ck it, let's waste a post and talk about this Drake album. Yeah, we looked at how Drake copied Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III leak strategy and as it turns out, we already got some funny a** predictions on what Thank Me Later is gonna sell once it gets released in stores come June 15th. So f*ck it, I'm changing up my ante. Drake's debut sells 120,000 in its first-week. Final answer! F*ck it, I think it could even do less, but now it's time to see, real quick, what a doggy or two thinks about what it might sell.

Lil Wayne Says 2 Million In One-Week

Lil WayneDrake (Thank Me Later)

"A million in a week? I need him to do more than Tha Carter III," Weezy adds of his breakthrough album, which sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week. "Like 2 million in the first week. I need him to do 2 million the first week, straight up."

Sean Garrett Says 1 Million In One-Week

Sean GarrettDrake (Thank Me Later)

"I'm gonna bet a mil. I'm gonna bet Drake sells a mil first-week. It's because I know the anticipation on Drake's sh*t is outta here, it's outta space. Because when you look at everything he's been on, he's done so much for other artists on their sh*t that people are just dying to hear his sh*t. I think he's gonna be all right, I'm gonna put a mill ticket on it."

T.I. Predicts 500,000 in One-Week

T.I.Drake (Thank Me Later)

"I'm confident in my man," T.I. said about Drake's first-week. "I think if 500 [thousand] was the over, under, I would take the over. Given his potential and his presence, I would. I think that's safe, that's a safe bet. He hasn't put out a dud yet. He hasn't put out a dud, not even as a feature, so I think that warrants about a half [a million]."

Get your votes in now doggies, because we're holding EVERYDOGGY to their word.

5. "STFU" Honors

D*mn, did y'all get a chance to see the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Dirty South this week? LMFAO, yeah, me neither. Why the f*ck do we need to see some rappers honored when we can pay homage to the most stupid, SHUT THE F*CK UP honorable quotes from your favorite RAPPERS this past week. SMFH. In just seven days, we get Fat Joe contradicting himself once again, Drake falling into the Lil Wayne duet trap, Charles Hamilton still recovering from that jaw-breaking punch, Rick Ross looking to step his wig game up and then Juvenile really thinking Lil Wayne's a** behind bars is what's holding up a Hot Boys reunion. SMFH. LOL! Yeah doggies, it's definitely that time!

1. Fat Joe

Fat JoeFat Joe (The Darkside)

"What I wanna know is, who does ten albums, and on the tenth album, it's better than all the other ones. I don't use the word classic lightly. I never had a classic. Try that one out. Its going down my n*ggas, its going down!"

2. Drake

DrakeJuelz Santana & Lil Wayne

"I went up to Rikers, and me and Wayne agreed that there will be a Lil Wayne/ Drake album," Drake said in an interview. "There's some things I'm excited for in my life -- I'm excited to go perform certain places -- but [this project] will probably be one of the most exciting things in my life, because we make music on a different level. It's just so fun, so comfortable. A whole album? To think about all the things we can do, especially if we're gonna do 15 songs. Me and him don't like to do 12, 13 [songs]. We want to do 15, 16. Yeah, Lil Wayne and Drake album."

3. Charles Hamilton

Charles HamiltonSlaughterhouse

"Joell, Royce, Crooked, Joe, yall did me dirty! I was supposed to be the fifth member of Slaughterhouse and they know it. Me, Royce and three other people drove out to Jersey, kicking the breeze. I was like 'let's start a group.' He was like, 'Charles, you're on a major label.' He calls up Joe and I already had Crooked's number, so we do the illest conference call. Joe Budden says to me very sternly, 'Charles, we are not your age. We cannot afford a failure. And we don't want to be a failure and bring you down from your situation.' I said, 'y'all are representing hip-hop. Only way y'all fail, is if y'all don't spit.' Royce was with it, but I know the love is still there. If they're still on board, I'm with it."

4. Rick Ross

Rick Rossdonald-trump-300x300.jpg

"I would love to work with Donald Trump," Ross revealed in an interview. "I'm pretty sure there are some ventures we could attack. There's some money out there for us to get. I just love what Don represents. Ridin' out here in New York, you look over and see so much of his real estate. It's just a good thing...Tell him to get at me."

5. Juvenile

JuvenileHot Boys

"I really want to do that," Juvie said about a reunion. "You know if it were left up to Juvie we would do it right now man, But you can't do no Hot Boys songs without everyone present and that's the thing you got to have everyone present to make it work. I just need the information so I can write him. I've been need to get an address so I can write him."

***LMFAO!!! D*mn doggies, good looks on holding down the comments last week, sh*t got kinda hectic for me but even if y'all want to toss up bullsh*t or say this or that, SOMEBODY please explain that Lil Wayne clip, and how many more times are y'all gonna keep saying this Black Mafia f*ckery is certified. No h*mo, but if the Black Mafia f*cked once a month each member with a black rubber on, would that sh*t still be cool? News flash everyone, don't believe everything you hear or see but in Wayne's case, "He only kisses me!" is enough sh*t that can make you understand why Cash Money was quiet as f*ck around 2003-2004. LOL. Aight doggies, as always, y'all know it's a pleasure to kick the sh*t around with y'all. Now let's get those Drake predictions up, b/c it's gonna be a big f*cking Tuesday.........when no one buys the album. LMFAO!!!!! Enjoy the weekend doggies, --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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