News: Juvenile's "Beast Mode" Cover Bites Drake's "Thank Me Later" Artwork

Thursday, Jun 3, 2010 10:45AM

Written by Rosario Harper

The cover for Juvenile's upcoming Beast Mode album which closely resembles Drake's Thank Me Later has landed online.

The album cover which features Juvenile's face with a white background is already drawing comparisons to Drake's debut.

Got d*mn, Juvenile just completely bit off of Drake's "Thank Me Later" cover with no shame. D*mn at least give Drake's album a chance to come out first before the swagger jackin' begins... (Crown The South)

Juvie's new album will be released nationwide next month.

After last year's Cocky and Confident Atlantic Records release that was completely distributed by E1 Entertainment, veteran New Orleans rapper Juvenile is fully independent. E1 will solely handle Juvy's second release in less than a year, July 6's Beast Mode. Although details are still emerging, Juvenile will also use this opportunity to launch his UTP Records, who joins E1 in releasing the ninth official album from the platinum '90s and '00s emcee. (Hip Hop DX)

Juvenile has also explained why the project is coming out this summer.

"The main reason for putting out this record in the summer is that it's a summer album. I made this album for my fans, especially for my female fans out there." (Press Release)

His last album, Cocky & Confident, debuted on the charts last year.

Hot Boys' Juvenile made his return to the charts this week as Cocky & Confident debuted at No. 43. Headed into his second week, Juvie the Great's latest effort has sold 23,100 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Beast Mode is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, July 6th.

Check out a comparison of both albums down below:

Juvenile-Beast-Mode-2010-06-03-300x300.jpgDrake (Thank Me Later)

Check out a recent Juvenile SOHH interview down below:

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