Guest Star: "Eminem Wanted Rihanna On 'I Love The Way You Lie'" -Alex da Kid

Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010 11:55AM

Written by Alex da Kid for SOHH

I did the "Love The Way You Lie" beat for Eminem about three years ago. I made that when I was still in London so I have about a million beats but I didn't really go crazy with it and then I met this girl who I just now signed and I had the track. She wrote the top line to it and the chorus and once I had the chorus in there, I really just arranged the track a bit to fit the chorus. Then I sent it to Eminem and basically my manager sent it to Paul Rosenberg and he loved it. It got mixed and went onto Em's Recovery.

I did B.o.B.'s "Airplanes" and Eminem jumped on part two that I did. He heard that and he really liked it. At the same time, Shady Records' Riggs, he heads up Em's New York office, he had heard some of my stuff. Basically he was like, "Yo, this would be great for Eminem." So Riggs would take some of my beats and send them to Em and plus he also did the "Airplanes" beat and they kinda put two and two together and realized the beats were something that they liked so over a period of like, three or four months of me just sending tracks to Riggs, he liked them, but they weren't 'the one.' And then after I did "Airplanes" and that was a big success, he jumped on part two which is a big success as well. Then he was like, "You got anything else?" And I sent him my "Love The Way You Lie" beat and he loved it.

Eminem is a super cool dude. Like, I've been around other big, A-list celebrities before and there's always like, this kinda thing where you can't say 'this' around certain people, you can't say that. There's too many people around telling you what you can and can't do. But Em is just super cool, he's like normal and down to earth. You would think that about certain artists but not with him because of the way he acts and the way people act around him.

His team is so cool too. Like when I went down to Detroit to mix it up, it's really a good environment because there's no pressure. Everybody is so down to earth and normal. It's really a good atmosphere to be in.

Eminem wanted Rihanna on the song. But even before all this happened, I'm working on her new album and so we're already kinda working together and he just sent it to her and she just loved it. She doesn't really do too much, as far as collaborations but everybody just loved it so much that they wanted to get on it.

I love the song. I had a really big reaction to the "Airplane" record and it's the same with this new one. It's even bigger. I'm getting e-mails now, especially from girls saying that they cried when they first heard it and the reaction has been great. I've actually got groupies now!

As far as the album leaking, I've talked to a few people about this and it's like every new big artist, especially a rapper, as soon as it goes to manufacturing, you can almost expect it to leak now. It's living in that day and age, anyone on Drake's level or Em's level or Jay-Z's level, as soon as it goes to manufacturing, it leaks because they're built in small little countries and the guys that are pressing them up are getting like two cents a day or something but then if somebody comes up with twenty dollars, then they'll say "We need a copy of it," and they'll just give it out. At this point, it's almost impossible to stop leaks especially with big artists like that, however, I wouldn't be surprised and I wouldn't be as disappointed if it leaked a day before it came out or something. But I really wasn't that surprised by the leak, to be honest.

Alex da Kid is a producer known for working with B.o.B. and Nicki Minaj and is the hitmaker behind Eminem's new Recovery song, "I Love The Way You Lie." 

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