Guest Star: "It Seems Like The World Likes Hearing Rick Ross & My Voice Together" -Ne-Yo

Thursday, Jun 17, 2010 12:00PM

Written by Ne-Yo for SOHH

When you think about Rick Ross, what more can I say? He's a boss. Working with him, he's a gentleman's gentleman if you know what that means. He's definitely the kind of cat that when you think about, there's a kind of elegance about him, there's a class with this dude.

Rick Ross is the kind of dude that you'll see on a yacht somewhere and it'll make total perfect sense but then again, at the same time, he's the kind of dude that you'll see on the block too and it'll make total perfect sense. Not a lot of people know how to toe the line and Rick Ross is one of those kinds of dudes. And it's been an honor and pleasure to work with him on "Super High" and all the other times.

We both came to Def Jam around the same time. Growth is really the name of the game. That's what it's about, expanding the brand and for me, it's always been about quality music. And with me producing quality music on a regular basis is gonna make my star that much bigger, then that's what's supposed to happen. That's the only thing I'm here for, I'm not here for the stardom, I'm here for the music. But if the stardom comes with the music, so be it.

Our record is definitely doing what it's supposed to do. I'm happy for that, so shout-out to all the radio and deejays that are running the record. I appreciate the love and shout-out to the people requesting the record on the radio and all of that. I feel like it gives me hope for music again. It's a quality joint, it's a quality record. Like I said, it gives me hope that all the garbage you hear on the radio hasn't dulled everybody's senses. So I'm happy about that.

I have to also give credit to our Def Jam team, they've always taken care of me and have been behind me 100 percent. Ross is my dude. I definitely dig Ross and everything we've done, we're also planning on doing some stuff for the future, nothing is set in stone yet but we definitely sat down and talked about building on some other stuff, having it be something for me and having it be something for him. It seems like the world likes hearing our voices together so it ain't a problem for us to get back in and do some stuff. Definitely.

Ne-Yo is an award-winning producer/writer/singer who has sold platinum albums and penned hits for Rihanna, Beyonce, Leona Lewis and has collaborated with Game, Kanye West, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah and more.

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