Guest Star: "If Mase Wants To Be A Pastor & Rhyme, That's On Him" -Children of the Corn's Herb McGruff

Sunday, Jun 13, 2010 10:00AM

Written by Herb McGruff for SOHH

I hold on to a lot of my Children of the Corn days memories. When Cam'ron and all of us used to be in the studio, we would use to be bugging out and Cam would always blow spit bubbles and crazy sh*t, sh*t was wild back in those days.

Like we really used to have fun together. We was young and dumb and even though we're doing our own things now, they're still my dudes though. Everything came together good when we would be in the studio. It was natural, really. Besides the rap, we all grew up together d*mn near like me and Big L came outta 139th Street around 140th and came was from 140th too. Most of us would be around 140th. Mase would always come around because he was around 134th, we all grew up together.

I never had any issues within the crew. I can say that I never had any problems personally with anybody because I'm still cool with everybody. It could have been some other ego issues within the group but not with me though, I ain't never sense nothing but actions speaker louder than words. I ain't even gotta say nothing.

Right about now I'm just focused on McGruff. I wish them the best of luck with whatever they're doing but I'm basically focused on me right now. I think Dipset should get back together. I can't wait for a chance to do a Children of the Corn reunion. There ain't no problem with me. You heard it hear, there ain't no problem with McGruff.

I don't have no problems doing another Children of the Corn album. No problem whatsoever. I don't know what Mase wants to do, I don't know what's up with him these days but Mase is Mase. I don't know what's up with him but I still love the brother. If he wants to be a pastor and wanna rhyme, that's on him. Whatever he wants to do, I wish him the best but if he wants to do another Children of the Corn album, let's go. I can't wait.

Herb McGruff was one of the founding members of pioneer 1990's rap group Children of the Corn which consisted of the late Big L, Cam'ron, Mase, Herb McGruff, Digga and Bloodshed.

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