Guest Star: "We Often Think We're In Control But We're Not" -Killer Mike

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2010 9:55PM

Written by Killer Mike for SOHH

All this oil spilling is happening in the Gulf and one of my favorite places to vacation is Tampa, so, at some point you gotta cancel your trips around there. This is something that I'm just watching to see what happens and see what lessons we learn because this is something that's continually been talked about during the elections, off-shore drilling and then something like this happens, I think 11 lives might have been lost and now they can't stop it, so you gotta ask yourself what's gonna be our lesson from this?

I don't know what to think. I don't know really know if I can have a real opinion yet. I think it really shows that with all the strives and technology that man has made, with the pompous and arrogance that we all believe that we're in control, for world leaders to just push us down the block holding their jock, everybody thinking they're in control, when things like this happens, it really shows how small we are into the greater context of nature.

I didn't realize how small and significant I was as a human until I saw the Grand Canyon and I think when stuff like this happens, God willing, something is gonna happen to stop it but it really shows us that as humans and Americans, we often think we're in control but we're not in control so that's my grand thought and in terms of how they fix this sh*t, I'mma watch.

The 'Top Hat' oil name and stupid sh*t they're doing and I really wish people would understand how stupid they think you are. You have to think that your own public is dumb as sh*t to be like, "Hey, we need to call it something so it doesn't sound so f*cked up. What about Cat in the Hat? Let's dumb it down to Dr. Seuss. How do we play up on that? Oh, Top Hat! That's what we'll call it." So it stops four percent of what comes out and ninety-six percent of the sh*t is still leaking?

Killer Mike is a rapper and associate of Grand Hustle Records.

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