News: Game Kills Death Reports, "Whoever Started The Rumor That I Was Dead Is Funny As H*ll"

Monday, Jun 21, 2010 4:05PM

Written by Biz Jones

West Coast rapper Game has denied reports that he died last night (June 20) after allegedly being shot in the head.

Writing via Twitter, Game poked fun at the reports and found them humorous.

"Who ever started da rumor dat I was dead is funny as h*ll. If u gone spread rumors, b more creative. Say, I had (cont)"
"As a matter of fact, I am dead. I'm the 1st n*gga to#graveTweet !!! 1st 400 bars, now tweetin from the grave.... I'm dope"
"As a matter of fact, I am dead. I'm the 1st n*gga to #graveTweet !!! 1st 400 bars, now tweetin from the grave.... S*iiiiiit, #wedoitBIG" (Game's Twitter)

Reports of the rapper's death began to circulate online Monday morning.

The Game died, one of the famous rappers known as The Game whose real name is Jayceon Taylor died last night in a shooting. He was shot in the head in an attack which took place at the Beverly Center. After a shot in head he was immediately taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Centre where he die. According to some bloggers the case about his death is in middle of an investigation so nothing confirmed yet. (Yo Blips)

Additional reports claimed there was an active investigation taking place.

Los Angeles Police Department are still doing some investigations. But so far, there are still no complete details regarding this incident. People have been searching for videos of the said incident, but there are still no uploaded videos found online. Check back often and stay hopping the web site for more latest updates and uploaded videos. (Recent Issue Today)

Aside from death rumors, Game recently reflected on his past relationship with G-Unit.

"I think in that situation, everybody lost," Game said about his 2005 break-up with G-Unit. "I think when we were the mighty mighty G-Unit, we were strong and like the modern day N.W.A. and I think everybody suffered from the break. First and foremost, Yayo and Banks, and then Buck and then myself and 50. He's not comfortable in hip-hop right now, I'm still here but it's not what it was at its peak. Everybody is just maintaining what they have and even Dre and Em, the whole outfit. I think we would have been hundreds and millions of albums sold right now had we [stayed together.] But we didn't and I don't like to look back and regret, I just like to look and reflect, analyze the situation -- and now it's time to move on." ("Jenny Boom Boom")

Check out a recent Game interview down below:

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