Guest Star: "For Every Southern Rapper You Say Can't Rap, I Can Find The Equivalent In New York" -David Banner

Friday, Jun 25, 2010 7:30PM

Written by SOHH for David Banner

People talk about the South not being about lyrics, well I don't know when we were ever "not" rapping. That's one of my gripes with people. Even with me recently, everybody has been acting like I've got this big epiphany or I was stupid or something.

You've always had Bun B, Scarface, Andre 3000, I don't know why people are coming up with this. You've always had Ceelo Green. For every New York rapper that's really lyrical, I can find you a Southern rapper that matches them. For every Southern rapper you say can't rap, I can find the equivalent in New York. It's funny because people would always talk about the Ying Yang Twins but I was like, Flavor Flav is New York's Ying Yang Twins. So with me saying that, I can find you a Talib Kweli in the South.

Nas is Killer Mike to me. You see what I'm trying to prove? Even with myself though, they forget about Crooked Lettaz. People think they can say I just started "rapping" but don't know about my history. Let me tell you something about hip-hop, if there's an 808 in your music, people already stop listening and then they seem to get ignorant.

Music in general is becoming more eclectic. Folks are blaming this and other stuff on the South and saying the South is doing that but it's just that the spotlight is on the South now. So anything that happens in the South, anything that happens in music, it's going to be more tunneled and focused toward the South.

It's just a more eclectic movement in music, period. Everybody's seeing that it's time for a change, that's the reason why I'm doing the 9th Wonder album, Death of a Pop Star. I'm listening to everybody's music. People don't want to admit it but listen to Gucci Mane's music. Gucci is on something right now. Gucci is taking his music to a whole 'nother level, listen to Young Jeezy. Jeezy's music is shutting down folks right now. Folks just want to give people their due credit.

Right now in hip-hop, everybody is taking their music to the next level. With President Obama and everything happening, there's just a sense of enlightenment in our community right now. People are talking about politics in the hood now! So let's not just blame it all on Southern music, let's blame it all on the overall consciousness of our people.

People have a sense that I'm angry, I'm making more money and doing more on outside projects like my recent Gatorade commercial during the NBA Finals. I just finished a commercial for Motorola that I produced the record and executive produced and I'm acting more. I did one with Al Pacino, another one with Forest Whitaker and Adrien Brody. So with me saying this, I'm not angry, I'm just passionate about poor people or the plight of poor people. And since I'm over 6'2 and not afraid, even my own people want to paint me as angry because I'm not a step and fetch n*gga. And because I'm not jumping up and down and slobbering all the time, I'm not angry, I'm just a grown man that's serious about the plans of people.

David Banner is a popular actor, rapper and producer who has worked closely with T.I., Lil Flip, Lil Wayne and more in the past.

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