News: Fat Joe Promises "Darkside" Will Be A Masterpiece, "I Don't Use The Word Classic Lightly"

Thursday, Jun 10, 2010 5:50PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has upped the ante for his forthcoming Darkside album and promised that it will be a hip-hop classic.

Joe also said it would outshine past efforts including his 2001 platinum-certified album, Jealous Ones Still Envy.

"I feel like it's a hip-hop classic. From Premier to Just Blaze, to Cool & Dre, to Street Runner, Infamous, Scoop Deville, Scram Jones...What I wanna know is, who does ten albums, and on the tenth album, it's better than all the other ones. I don't use the word classic lightly. I never had a classic. Try that one out. Its going down my n*ggas, its going down!" (All Hip Hop)

Originally scheduled to drop in June, Joe's new album is now scheduled to come out next month.

"THE DARK SIDE IN STORES JULY 13th!!!!!!!," Fat Joe wrote Tuesday (June 1). (Fat Joe's Twitter)

Last month, Joe debuted his new Trey Songz record "If It Ain't About Money."

"Yeah yeah, what up y'all, welcome to the Darkside," Joey said in a video. "It's Coka Krillz. You hear that soulful sh*t in the background? It's the new single this Monday, man, city ain't never gonna be the same, streets ain't gonna be the same man. Funk Flex is gonna be dropping that sh*t this Monday. Joe Crack, Trey Songz, if it ain't about money then it ain't about sh*t. Darkside." (Hip Hop N More)

The album features both commercial records and street tracks inspired by his fans.

"This album, I just wanted to take it to the streets crazy," Joe said in an interview. "When I go on tour I see a lot of my fans that are real loyal. They all kept telling me, 'Yo, Joe we want you to come back to the hardcore.' I tried to make them happy so I just took it all the way to the dark side. I'm just trying to give 'em that balance of that real street gritty Fat Joe -- the gangsta early Fat Joe -- but at the same time who also knows how to make hit records." (VIBE)

Check out Fat Joe speaking on his album down below:

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