Guest Star: "Drake's 'Shut It Down' Sounds Like A Club Record & It's A Different Record" -Omen

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010 2:35PM

Written by Omen for SOHH

Drake's "Shut It Down" record basically started at StadiumRed Studios in Harlem, New York and my boy 40 which is more so Drake's engineer, who I frequently collaborated with throughout the years, he came through and he heard a track I was working on. So then he said, "Yo, I like that idea." And basically he just added on, flipped it. Then he said, "Aight, I'm gonna let Drake hear it." He heard it and said, "Yo, I think I have the idea, we gonna shut it down." And then that was that.

The beat was pretty much done in like a night, probably about six hours, maybe a little more. It was done in about a night but throughout the course of the song developing, little tweaks here and there, 40 added live pianos and we did a lot of tweaking to the track so over the course of the track being born, I don't know exactly. I just know when it started, at its foundation with a little splash and stuff and from there it started to come together. Drake came in and lays his vocals, Dream got on it and the rest of the song is history.

Basically when we heard it, everybody was like, "Wow, this is a pretty big record." Like one of them records that when you hear it, you're like d*mn, it sounds like a club record and it's not like no hip-hop crazy, it's a different record. When we all heard it we were like, yeah, it's ready to go. That was that.

From my recollection, there were a few artists Drake was considering for the guest feature and I think Dream was one of them so, when it got to The-Dream, we got the green light to use him and that was just what it was. I know when I heard it, I was like, "Dream is crazy." Like, it definitely made a lot of sense to use him.

I've been going up to Toronto for the past ten years, going up to the annual festival they have called Caribana. As far as meeting up with Drake, I had been doing my thing out in Canada for a while and recognizing the talent, going up there and doing what I need to do and then all of a sudden, 40 hit me up like, "Yo, I got this new artist named Drake. He's ill, I'ma go this way with him and do dope beats." So I came around to see what it was and then when I seen what it was, that's it. He came through and now he's here, crossed over and he's killing it now.

Omen is an award-winning producer who co-produced Drake's "Shut It Down" single off Thank Me Later.

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