Crest: Crest 3D White User Experience Blog 3: White Teeth, Black Dress...

Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010 12:00AM

Written by Renee

Tonight I'm moderating a candidate forum for my town's upcoming Board of Education election. I'm going to wear a black dress for the strong yet understated look that'll keep the candidates in check. My smile will exude the charm and confidence to disarm them.

It's the beginning of my second week using Crest 3D White toothpaste as part of a user trial presented by SOHH and P&G. I must say that I like what I'm seeing. My teeth are absolutely whiter. I've never had any complaints about my teeth but now I see what I've been missing. My smile is noticeably brighter. There are still a few areas between my teeth that still have a dull tinge but overall the improvement is amazing.

It'll make all the difference when I walk to the podium tonight with my white teeth and black dress.

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